Young Bucks Charged in Florida Craigslist Murder That Left White Dad Dead

Fox 13

TAMPA (FOX 13) – Tampa police have made a second arrest in the murder of a Pasco man who was killed right in front of his teenage son during a Craigslist transaction Wednesday.

Detectives first arrested Ramontrae Williams, 16, Wednesday evening and charged him with first-degree murder and robbery. They said they found the stolen dirtbike near his home.

But the other suspect was still at large.

Detectives soon identified 17-year-old Dontae Johnson as the second suspect. Late Wednesday night, Johnson was taken into custody.

James Beck had planned to meet Williams and Johnson after they expressed interest in a dirtbike his son had listed for sale on Craigslist.

But when Beck and his 15-year-old son met the two teens, he quickly realized that they actually intended to rob him. Police say as Beck was attempting to leave, Johnson shot him. Meanwhile, Williams stole the dirt bike.

Neighbors heard the gunshots and helped Beck’s 15-year-old son Stuart try to save his father, but there was nothing they could do.

Beck died of his injuries.

Florida has the death penalty and I fully expect the state to apply it to the two thugs who killed James Beck. Murder during the course of a robbery should always be considered capital murder.

One thought on “Young Bucks Charged in Florida Craigslist Murder That Left White Dad Dead

  1. Avoid the groid. If you must sell them something, do it in the daytime only inside a police station or bank with armed guards. The dirt bike could not be sold like this. Never meet any male “buyer” who sounds as though he is a Coon.
    This is very sad for the son. He will blame himself for the rest of his life. “If only I had not begged dad for a dirt bike”.
    I bought my son a dirt bike and we sold it a few years later to a friend – a white man with his own son. That was 20 years ago and it was very rare to see an African in Australia. Now you see them everywhere.
    Blacks and whites should not live together in the same country.

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