Nun Offends with Claim that the Virgin Mary was NOT a Virgin

That’s rich. A nun who says things that a are un-Biblical. Who does she think she is? Pope Francis?

The Guardian

A nun in Spain who says she received death threats for suggesting that Mary probably had sex with her husband, Joseph, has apologised for any offence caused but accused her critics of deliberately misunderstanding her point.

Sister Lucía Caram, a well-known Dominican nun with more than 183,000 Twitter followers, appeared to contradict church teaching when she appeared on Spanish TV on Sunday to discuss sex and faith.

“I think Mary was in love with Joseph and that they were a normal couple – and having sex is a normal thing,” she told the Chester in Love show, adding: “It’s hard to believe and hard to take in. We’ve ended up with the rules we’ve invented without getting to the true message.”

Caram, who was born in Argentina but lives in a Catalan convent, said sexuality was a God-given, basic part of every individual and a means of self-expression. However, she said it was something the church had long struggled with.

“I think the church has had a poor attitude to it for a long time and has swept it a bit under the carpet,” she said. “It wasn’t a taboo subject; it was more something that was considered dirty or hidden. It was the denial of what I believe to be a blessing.”

The nun’s remarks prompted a wave of online anger, including an online petition for her to be suspended from her order.

Her views were quickly disowned by the Bishop of Vic, who responded with a statement reminding people that Mary’s virginity had been an article of faith since the church’s inception.

“[It] was gathered and proclaimed by the Second Council of Constantinople, being the primary Marian dogma observed by Catholic and Orthodox Christians,” it said.

“We remind people that these remarks do not conform to the faith of the church and regret the confusion they may have caused to the faithful.”

On Wednesday, Caram issued a statement in which she said she had received death threats after her TV appearance.

“When asked about the Virgin Mary, I said that, as I see it, Mary obviously loved Joseph … I wanted to say that it wouldn’t shock me if she had had a normal couple’s relationship with Joseph, her husband.

“This shocked a lot of people, perhaps because there was no opportunity for clarification. But I think that my fidelity to, and love for, the church, the gospel and Jesus’s project are clear – as it the certainty that sex is neither dirty nor something to be condemned, and that marriage and sex are a blessing.”

She added that while she apologised to anyone who felt offended, she was worried by the “fragmented, ideological and perverse” way in which her remarks had been interpreted. The nun said that “some heretic-bashers, thirsting for vengeance and driven by hatred” had lied about her and made “serious threats, including to my life”.

It is not the first time that the nun has found herself in trouble with her superiors. A self-declared “pain-in-the-arse nun”, she has engaged in politics and made plain her enthusiasm for Catalan independence.

Christians like this one have been sent to destroy the Church. Next, she’ll be saying that Jesus is not God and the Ten Commandments are the Ten Suggestions.

The destruction of the Church is just a small part of the ongoing destruction of Western civilization. Sister Lucia Caram should be ashamed of herself. She’s made Satan very happy.


8 thoughts on “Nun Offends with Claim that the Virgin Mary was NOT a Virgin

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  2. “I think the church has had a poor attitude to it for a long time and has swept it a bit under the carpet,” she said.

    She looks like an expert in carpet.
    Carpet munching.

  3. Her full comments make it clear she is discussing Jesus’s 5 brothers and unknown number of sisters who were conceived in the regular way. The ones the Romish church claim are actually cousins or from Joseph’s unmentioned first marriage.

  4. Why does Mary need to have been a virgin? God would know whether Jesus was his kiddie or not. Either way Joseph was a cuck.
    Plus if Joseph had never banged his wife then their marriage was not legal. In modern times, a marriage must be consummated via sexual intercourse of the normal kind. I guess this law was dumped to accommodate anal drillers and lezzos who are unable to consummate their marriage in such a way.

  5. Mary got pregnant before marriage. Her conception was called immaculate meaning clean. I interpret this as her being pregnant by someone within her race.

    Virgin in the ancient times was moreso correlated with the idea that the woman was unmarried.

    Joseph was hesitant to marry her, but he did. Why? Because it is about TRIBALITY.

    What good is it to marry a gook or beaner bitch just because she has never had sex? All you are doing is sullying your race.

    Many non-western women claim to not have sex before marriage, but that is in fact a LIE.

    Ah yes, virginity. Does not the Germanic tribe have better things on which to focus?

  6. Race mixing means death to one’s own genetic gifts.

    The Virgin Mary had a Immaculate Conception. That does not mean she did not have sex before marriage. It means that her conception of Jesus was PURE and CLEAN and free from race mixing. She was a virgin because she was UNMARRIED.

    Bastard in the Biblical sense meant that the child was mixed tribe.

    To be married or “Mary-ed” means to unify with a man. Nothing else, yet all the pro-Mystery Meat mash people have twisted marriage as conjugal slavery to produce Mystery Meat.

    Christian Marriage has been sullied by Monkey Men with lighter skin to promote race mixing to justify their colonialism.

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