Ivanka Trump Shafted by Nordstroms

In normal times, any upscale store ought to carry the women’s fashions created by the daughter of the President of the United States.

These are not normal times.

These are the times that try decent men’s souls. These are the times in which the blind adherence to the biggest lie in world history, the lie of equality, has created a raging fire of hatred toward the new American president, who wants nothing more than to keep us safe and prosperous.

And so the “sins” of the father are justified as reason enough to punish the daughter.

Business Insider

Nordstrom has decided to stop carrying Ivanka Trump’s brand, the retailer told Business Insider on Thursday.

The company said the brand’s declining sales led to its decision.

“Each year we cut about 10% [of brands carried] and refresh our assortment with about the same amount,” a Nordstrom spokesperson told Business Insider. “In this case, based on the brand’s performance we’ve decided not to buy it for this season.”

Nordstrom’s decision comes amid calls for a boycott against retailers that carry Trump products.

Ivanka Trump’s brand, which sells women’s clothing, shoes, and handbags, was available on Nordstrom’s website as recently as Wednesday. On Thursday, Ivanka Trump was not listed on Nordstrom’s master list of brands available, as Business Insider previously reported.

Trump’s brand did not respond to a request for comment.

Availability of Trump’s products has been declining on Nordstrom’s website for weeks.

Shannon Coulter, who launched the anti-Ivanka Trump boycott last fall, has been tracking the brand’s inventory levels on Nordstrom’s website for the last couple months.

As recently as the first week of December, there were 71 different Ivanka Trump products available on Nordstrom’s website, according to Coulter.

Last week, that number dropped to 26. On Wednesday, there were nine products available.

Critics of the Trump administration have called for boycotts against dozens of retailers for carrying Trump-branded products.

But Nordstrom became one of the main targets of the boycotts after a shopper’s open letter to the retailer went viral in October. The letter called Ivanka Trump’s brand “toxic” and demanded that Nordstrom stop selling it.


Nordstrom responded to the letter in November with a Twitter message that said it wasn’t taking a political position by selling Trump’s products.

“We hope that offering a vendor’s products isn’t misunderstood as us taking a political position; we’re not,” the company said at the time. “We recognize our customers can make choices about what they purchase based on personal views and we’ll continue to give them options.”

18 thoughts on “Ivanka Trump Shafted by Nordstroms

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  2. So what? She has tons of money. There are many everyday people to which these things happen. Many everyday white people get screwed out of $ thru business, minority business help, etc.

    She will get over it

  3. We can boycott Nordstrom, too, but they won’t keep a brand that’s not selling. Obviously, liberals were boycotting. Macy’s dropped the line some months ago, but it’s carrying her now.

    I suggest female Trump supporters support Ivanka’s brand wherever it’s sold.

    Here are stores still carrying her clothes, shoes, and accessories.

    Lord & Taylor
    Macy’s, but we’re boycotting this retailer.
    Hudson’s Bay
    Look at regional and local department stores in your area. Mine are carrying her clothes.
    Zappos – online only
    Amazon – online only

    • Do you want to buy me something? I certainly can’t afford her ridiculous prices. Whether a boycott dropped sales or nobody wanted her stuff is not the issue. Thump supporters who scream “UNFAIR” is the problem. Gslav got it right. She certainly doesn’t need the money. She’ll move on and try something else.

      BTW, boycotting a retailer because of one product or advertising, harms the other people that sell their stuff there and will cause future dumping of products that aren’t selling. Boycott a PRODUCT or LINE but not the whole store.

      • Nordstrom has zillions of people waiting in line hoping this retailer will carry their clothing lines. No problem to fill the void. No jobs lost anywhere.

        My comment wasn’t specifically directed at you. While her clothing might be expensive to you, I’m sure there are some female readers here who can afford her moderately priced clothing.

        Whether she needs the money or not is not the issue. How would you like to be put out of business because someone hates your father?

        Paladin is right. Trump is like family and I want to support all members, as well. It’s your right not to.

      • My question to you was rhetorical. You all will have to prove she was “put out of business” because Nordstrom hates Thumper. If her line wasn’t selling, they have every right, as a for profit business, to dump her line. She wasn’t the only one ever kicked out of a high end store.

        I’m not defending the store, I am against your whiny, knee jerk reactions whenever Thumper doesn’t get a round of applause every time he farts.

  4. Here’s the scoop on Nordstrom dropping Ivanka. Just as I thought!

    “The move from Nordstrom comes after several other retailers have already stopped selling her merchandise due to the Grab Your Wallet campaign, which calls for shoppers to boycott retailers that carry her brand or her father’s goods

    “In November, Nordstrom responded to a shopper’s letter calling for the company to stop selling the brand, tweeting: ‘We hope that offering a vendor’s products isn’t misunderstood as us taking a political position; we’re not.'”

    But, evidently, liberals began boycotting Nordstrom after getting wind of that letter.

    Looks like Neiman Marcus dropped her, as well. All these stores are run by Jews.



    • I have gotten screwed by Jews just living in the Kwa. WTF? Where is my spotlight?

      Sure it sucks what happened to her, but let us please shed tears for those REGULAR people who have been effed over for decades.

  5. Anyone who has traded shares on the NYSE for several years, NASDAQ or option houses has, much of the time, been screwed by (usually invisible) Jews on the other side of the trade. Often the jew broker makes bad recommendations and bet against their own clients. Even Holy Goldman Sachs does this racket.
    Most tipsters are crooks and most of them are Jews, including Gold spruikers.
    The only (almost) sure trade is the insider trade and that is the trade the Jew specializes in. Jews run the regulators, and rotate from brokers, banks, to regulation and Govt/politics. it is the same with doctors, drug companies and prescribed drugs.
    In both cases not all the guilty are Jews but they are the majority. Especially the NY Wall Street/Chicago crowd of crooks.

    • Have you heard of (((Jim Cramer))) on CNBC? I briefly fell for his crap. I still have his books somewhere. I do like his style of teaching. He’s a very effective propagandist for the stockmarket.

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