Chinese Guy Tells African Guy How F***ed Up Blacks Are (Video)

The Chinese aren’t going to be nice to the African the way the white man was. Billions of darkies will die. I’m laughing.

The video is about three minutes long.

6 thoughts on “Chinese Guy Tells African Guy How F***ed Up Blacks Are (Video)

  1. Face expression of Black guy was just hilarious. Imagine if some White guy would “insult” Black sensitivity with such plain facts. BLM would riot, SPLC would call for investigation and Libturd’s protests would paralyze US and EU for a week at least.

    JUST FOR THE REFERENCE, in “SCIENTIFIC” PURPOSES ONLY, how it looks, when I as a White guy have back & for with presumably an Asian, as he claimed and I doubt. After few exchanges he angrily snapped back –

    “why the hell have your kind been STEALING lands and continents and call them ”our world?”


    “Let me enlighten you a bit (if that is possible) – STEALING means that something has to exist prior of stealing. America, Australia, South Africa etc. were CREATED by European COLONIZERS in the OPEN territories where indigenous, mostly nomadic population, never established states with borders and other attributes of organized societies. It means that everybody who came or roamed there had OPPORTUNITY to CREATE something out of nothing.

    Let me also remind you that Europe thru centuries had experienced invasions by Mongols, Huns and Tatars from Asia and by Muslim invaders like Saracens and Ottomans. Luckily European Kingdoms were organized societies with borders, rules, armies and alliances, which helped that intruders were expelled. European Nations suffered heavily from all these cruel enemies.

    It happened that Europeans were superior powers to yours, which lead to logical processes, Europeans expanded and colonized almost the entire world. In contrast with invaders of Europe, who brought destruction and robbery, Europeans CREATED colonies, brought modern civilization to medieval tribes and organizational skills that were foundation of organized life for the rest of the world. European colonizers left settled systems in order to the indigenous population upon their independence. Even such countries like India and Pakistan for instance were created by Brits.

    You “Asians” ADOPTED primaries of European civilization, including clothing, housing, technologies and even languages like English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. You Black “asian” Africans were literally dragged out of the Stone Age.

    Everything that the whole world depends on – from Railways, Ships, Cars, Communications, Aviation, Medicine etc. came from Euro-civilization. How about Internet, Computer and Keyboard to which you cling as a desperate maniac, as per yours probably had been stolen from your Africanus people.

    OUR WORLD is what WE CREATED and you “superior” species from the Third World, like vermin, like swarms of locusts crawl daily to us from your shit-holes, because as any low life, you can’t survive on your own”


    “no — i am asian — but what about you?

    WHITE TRASH AND SCUM OF THE EARTH — who spread your FILTH in lands where you don’t belong? if a black man and african had to make a DUMP in the woods — and YOUR face was staring up from the ground — that black man might have to choose a different spot — as YOUR face would be too dirty to shit on”


    Asian, which Asian … definitely you are not from Japan, Korea or Taiwan, even not from China. Which shit hole it might be? I like your angry respond, typical for inferior species, and you KNOW that, and there is nothing what you could do … dumb babbling is your only option.


    There is no way that MultiRacial-Deculturalization of the First World might work, ever!

  2. This is the attitude I work with in government on a daily basis. Blacks destroy everything and sit there with this sullen look on their faces as though they’re waiting for the dream in their head to come true.
    After years of working with negroes their dream becomes clear. They want to live in squalor and be (((kangz)))).
    My IT department is now 70% negro due to a black sympathizer (white man with a bad case of SJW utopian dream). These groids sit around all day watching the youtubes, eating chips and talking about big breastesses (this is not an exaggeration).
    When they’re asked to do their job (fix an IT issue), there’s all sorts of the same reactions the negro in this video had. Then comes the stomping and door slamming.
    There’s nothing that can be done to fire them. Affirmative action and reparations put these negroes here and “day fully intenna stay, yo”.

    • I’m retired now but in my 30+ years as a programmer, systems analyst every time a negro as hired into our group everything went to hell in a handbasket.

      They randomly just didn’t show up for work, came in high or drunk, smoked crack in the bathroom. sexually harassed women employees, didn’t do a damn thing when they were at work, and hollered RACIST! whenever they were called on the carpet for a valid reason. After 10 million warnings if we had no other solution than to fire a groid, within hours the naacp, adl, splc etc etc would be breathing fire to hire De’quantell back or else face huge fines from the jew lawyers.

      Over time I noticed that IT seemed to attract more and more heavy left leaning snowflakes, hiring mostly jews, gays, etc. BY the time I retired IT was not fun and challenging any more…it became a PC battleground at the two companies I worked for

      As far as vid goes, god for the Chinese guy; must’v given the groid at massive OD of reality. I was waiting for the coon to leap on the Chinese guy and start stomping on him.

      I’ve watched a few jewtube vids that are heartwarming, Russians (in Russia) will not tolerate niggershines at all

      • @art & @J Lewis – Interesting life stories, very resourceful

        Also pleasant discovery that you both are/were IT guys. I am/was Systems Maintenance, fortunately on my own, free of freaks like yours.

        Quite educational for everybody in EU, where plenty of loons still welcomes Groids and Sand Coons

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