Video: Somali Immigrants Attack White Girl on Bus

The security cam video was shot in the U.K. and published on youtube last May. I hadn’t seen it before. Maybe you haven’t either.

It’s about what any race realist would expect from these primitive third world savages empowered by the British government to do their dirty work at will.

They are subhuman, not of the same species as the native British person.

Sample youtube comments suggest that the Brits kill them all:

Why aren’t we killing them as quickly as we can.????

These are not human beings… and they will never be human beings.

One who acts like a human being, not like a hyena. Those animals were born humans, but they transformed themselves in savages and predators. They need to be eliminated for the good of the rest of us all, everywhere. You fucking liberal are just as responsible for their actions as they are. Liberals like yourself are the ones that brought those savages in Europe and the US.

Somali men are skinny and weak in comparison to British men, thats why they can only fight girls, a guy would lay them out flat no problem.

Somalia is one of the most messed up countries in the world. Their existance has only brought problems for the rest of the world, zero benefit. Somalis = Parasites with zero intelligence. Ever heard of any scientific advances made in Somalia? Naah, they’re too busy walking around in tents (burqas), raping women and talking to their imaginary friend like the true retarded people they are. It’s like they’re stuck on a primitive level of evolution. They are a couple of thousand years behind the rest of us.

niggers laghing as they attack a woman. I want to see them grimace in pain and scream.

9 thoughts on “Video: Somali Immigrants Attack White Girl on Bus

  1. I did not watch the video. Maybe all young white women need this Black Attack treatment, and all young white men need one or more punches in the face – from Coons.
    That is what I got at school from non whites in Sydney – about 50 years ago.
    People not attacked think that “everybody is the same”.
    Any whites who do not vote for anti Immigration/law and order parties deserve to be attacked by dark scum, and see their kids attacked like this also.
    Coons belong in Africa, with no free food and no free medicine, no free anything paid for by whites. Somalis can not even feed themselves the dopey bastards. They need Sir Bob Gelding and his Band Aid Cargo Cult to bring food – all paid for by whites who are not musicians.
    Those comments above are great.

  2. It looks like the girl engaged them first, she hung her arm over the seat and the ape on the left turned to her several times indicating come conversation. Even if she mentioned not drinking on the bus she should have kept her mouth shut and moved to the front of the bus. I absolutely agree with the Youtube comments about killing these dirty coons. I’d like to know what happened afterward. There is no shame in leaving if you’re outnumbered.

  3. Minneapolis jury convicts young White martyr to 12 to 20 years in prison for self-defense against a lynch mob of rioting negroids. You may remember these four young guys were video streaming a BLM protest after days of rioting, not harassing anyone, talking only among themselves, when they were surrounded by a large mob of threatening, violent negroids. After being assaulted, punched in the face, chased for several blocks by the lynch mob, threatened with ‘White boy, you’re going to die,’ being cornered, and after 20 or 30 warnings, he fired fearing for his life. Entirely justified self-defense. I can’t believe the jury convicted this young guy.

  4. Watching that video a little closer I have the impression that the girl got into an argument with a gang of prissy nigger queers. All of those nigs seem to show their “feminine” side in the way they act together. That may have been why she didn’t feel threatened, and the girl in the seat across from her didn’t seem to be, either.

    We should never settle for “getting along” with the black-skinned scum. They view that attitude as being a sign of weakness – which it truly is. They know that White people are superior when left alone to their own devices. It’s just too damned bad that white dinks and jew media have made so many in the general public forget that we are. That is because the white-skinned jews (there are very many black-nigger jews and of other races, too. – All jews are mongrels by their heritage despite the aura of exclusivity which the jews’ try so hard to project) have learned to use that attitude of altruistic complacency against us, as a weapon against our White race, and the jews’ do that while at the same time they are encouraging and aiding the blacks (using White taxpayer money) and stirring up the niggers against us.

    Most “black” organizations were started by jews, including the NAACP whose primary leaders were all jews up until the 1970’s, and blacks were trained in jew-communist indoctrination schools (like Commonwealth College in Arkansas, which became Highlander Folk School in Tennessee). Most of us here know that, but very few among the public do, if they even have enough whiteness left in them so that they are capable to comprehend the dangers implied by facts, or too care to look for the strategies and tactics used against us.

  5. Grey Werwolf’s links and comment came in while I was writing my comment above, and that White man was a victim of those at the top levels of our society who are intent upon destroying who we are – a free White people. If a man is not even allowed to get away from his pursuers without having resort to self-defense, even if he may have intended to be aggressive himself earlier (which was alleged here by implication if not by fact), then what is he allowed to do? Being beaten or killed by a vengeful mob who is chasing after you after you have left from the turf that they occupy is not an option any reasonable man would opt for, especially if “their turf” is actually public property, and at a location that should be safe for and from anyone.

    White people had better begin to realize that they are not safe anywhere so long as criminals are supported in unlawful actions by traitors in the upper-levels of bureaucracy. Those traitors must be expunged from their positions of “lawful” authority and from association with our race, including from their networked association and support among other racial traitors at those same, and higher, bureaucratic levels.

    “When I am weaker than you, I ask you for freedom because that is according to your principles; when I am stronger than you, I take away your freedom because that is according to my principles.”
    – Louis Veuillot, 19th century French journalist

    “In the United States today, whites exist objectively but do not exist subjectively, and that is in my view the fundamental racial problem they face, the basic reason they (I should say “we”) are losing the racial war against us, the very reason we are in a war at all. Newsweek’s numbers offer proof of the objective existence of whites and of white power as measured materially and quantitatively; the spineless abnegation of their own country and culture that is at the root of white male paranoia offers proof of the absence of a subjective existence. Whites do not exist subjectively because they do not think of themselves as whites, they do not act cohesively as whites, and they do not think being white is important or even meaningful.

    As long as whites continue to avoid and deny their own racial identity, at a time when almost every other racial and ethnic category is rediscovering and asserting its own, whites will have no chance to resist their dispossession and their eventual possible physical destruction. Before we can seriously discuss any concrete proposals for preserving our culture and its biological and demographic foundations, we have to address and correct the problem we inflict on ourselves, our own lack of a racial consciousness and the absence of a common will to act in accordance with it.” – Samuel Francis, Why Race Matters, @ Amren article, Sept. 1994, linked below.

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