Trump Will Look at “dumb deal” that Brings Australia’s Muslim “Refugees” to the U.S.

The Hill

President Trump will reevaluate a deal to resettle 1,250 refugees being detained in offshore Australian facilities in the U.S., he tweeted late Wednesday, calling the Obama-era agreement a “dumb deal.”

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said on Tuesday that the administration would honor the deal but would subject the refugees to “extreme vetting,” despite its recent 120-day suspension of the refugee program.

“Part of the deal is that they have to be vetted in the same manner that we’re doing now. There will be extreme vetting applied to all of them,” Spicer said.

The refugees are mostly from Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. In exchange for the U.S. taking them in, Australia would resettle refugees from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.
But shortly after Spicer’s comments, the Trump administration said the president was still considering the arrangement, according to Australian news outlet ABC.

Trump’s Twitter post came shortly after The Washington Post reported that the president slammed Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull during a phone call on Saturday, calling the agreement “the worst deal ever.”

Turnbull insisted at a news conference on Wednesday that the U.S. had agreed to hold up its end of the deal, but refused to comment on reports of the phone call.

The refugees, those who attempted to reach Australia by boat, are housed on the island nation of Nuaru and Manus Island in Papua New Guinea. Australia has been under intense pressure over conditions at the detention facilities and is working to shut them down.

Ten days into the Trump administration and we’re already safer.

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8 thoughts on “Trump Will Look at “dumb deal” that Brings Australia’s Muslim “Refugees” to the U.S.

  1. Sounds like he is very angry, but I bet we get some of them because Trump always honors his own deals. Obama probably did it intentionally.

    • After I posted this, I saw that the lead story on Google News was a headline about a “rift” between Australia and the U.S. caused by Trump. I guess that world leaders used to walking all over Obama don’t like how the worm has turned.

  2. Trump is seriously (and correctly) unimpressed by our barely-elected (pretend) conservative Prime Minister who badmouthed him often during the US campaign. This arsehole is an ex-Goldman Sachs, Jew-felating traitor with a silver spoon so far up his arse he could scoop ice-cream with his tongue. This “deal” was really about getting these Turd-world illegals out of our election cycle because the bleeding hearts make so much Leftist mileage out of them. The New Guineans hate them (though, pot, meet kettle applies here). It does seem that Obama agreed to it in the closing stages of his Presidency. Its become a well-deserved humiliation for Turdballs (Turnbull, if you prefer niceness).

  3. I think these boat people are worth the expense of one bullet each, and no more. The Australian Navy, shame, shame, rescued the bastards not far from Indonesia. All had paid about A$12,000 to people smugglers to get to Christmas Island – Australian but nowhere near the mainland and close to Indonesia. The Aussie Navy behaved just like the horrible Wog Italian Navy rescuing scum a few kilometers off the African Coast near Libya. In both situations the scum often sank their own boats then called White Man Rescue on mobile phones!

    Anyway, Turnbull is not only wealthy and ex Goldman Sachs, he is also a Jew, like Rupert Murdoch (former Aussie). Turnbull claims he knows little about his family tree and Jewish blood. I have read comments on Israeli media calling him a “Putz” for this strange and perhaps not entirely truthful attitude. “Hey maybe I am a jew but I had no idea it would make me rich and powerful so easily. I thought it was my talent.”
    Turnbull has lived near and dealt with wealthy Jews for all of his privileged life. The voters elected hard man Abbott who stopped the boat scum and brilliantly sent them to the swamps of New Guinea. The ((media)) wanted Turnbull so guess who is now the boss of Australia? (((Democracy)) is what the one or two media leaders want!
    Did Turnbull really offer this bad deal or was it the Jews who run Australia and the US who presented the Fait Accompli to Obama and Turnbull? “Sign this or else”.
    New Guinea loses money via this sucker deal – they get paid to mind these scum and make them hot, sweaty and miserable so they want to go back to Muslim lands.

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  5. “Australia has been under intense pressure over conditions at the detention facilities and is working to shut them down.”
    Australia is already full of non white shitskins so 50,000 more won’t matter, say the liberal suicide lemmings. Actually they are murderers and genociders – trying to wipe out me and my family tree.
    “intense pressure” is from the half dozen Jew World Controllers and a few Antifa scum plus Jew lawyers. Most Aussies are very happy with the offshore detention system and want less Coons to be allowed to come here. Few dare say this above a whisper.

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