Serbia Puts Migrants on Lockdown After Woman and Children Attacked


It is claimed that Hungary and Croatia beat up migrants as they try to cross into those countries from Serbia. If so, that’s good news because the only thing these young, male, inbred cretins understand is pain.

Serbia has now discovered for itself in harsh terms what realists have long understood. These migrants are dangerous. Lockdown is a start. Deportation should be next.


BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) — Serbia on Wednesday introduced a lockdown for migrants in their refugee center outside Belgrade after an alleged attack against a woman walking with her children.

The measure comes amid widespread claims that the migrants are being forcefully pushed back and beaten when they try to enter Hungary and Croatia, both European Union member states.

Serbian officials said the migrants staying in the center on the outskirts of the capital will need special permissions to leave and need to be back by 10 p.m. each night.

The measure has been introduced after a woman claimed she was attacked by migrants near the camp while walking with her three children. She said they wanted to take away the stroller with her baby inside.

Officials said police are investigating her claim.

“We are establishing tougher control, meaning that only with certain permissions they would be allowed to leave the camp, to return at a certain time and that they would be issued appropriate identity papers,” said Aleksandar Vulin, a government minister in charge of the migrants.

About 550 migrants, mostly from Pakistan and Afghanistan, are staying in the camp located in a former army barracks. It isn’t clear whether the measure includes several other shelters in Serbia.

Around 7,000 migrants have been stranded in Serbia following Balkan border closures last year and the European Union’s attempts to control immigration. Many are sleeping rough in makeshift shelters or parks.

The charity Save the Children said that hundreds of children and other migrants are regularly beaten by Hungarian and Croatian border guards when caught as they try to enter the EU.

The charity believes an average of 30 “clandestine push-backs” are happening each day, “with many refugees being denied their right under asylum law to an individual assessment of their need for international protection.”

Tahir Khan, a migrant from Pakistan stranded near the border with Hungary, said he and several others have tried to cross seven times in three months.

“When we cross the border sometimes they (Hungarian police) catch us, and then beat us and send us again to Serbia,” he told The Associated Press in an abandoned brick factory amid freezing temperatures. “And when we go there, we are walking three and four hours at a time.”

Hey, Tahir, you dimwit. You tried seven times? What’s it going to take for you to understand that you are not wanted? If it were up to me, the second time you tried would have meant prison, followed by deportation and a warning that the death penalty would apply to you if you ever set foot in my country again.

One more thing. Serbia, build a wall.

7 thoughts on “Serbia Puts Migrants on Lockdown After Woman and Children Attacked

  1. Serbia, Croatia and so on did an excellent thing during their wars of the 1990s. They killed or deported all people who did not belong to their ethnic group. This was known as ethnic cleansing. That Milosevic guy was a hero not a war criminal.
    It is time for Serbia to ethnically cleanse all blacks and Muslims. Leave Serbia – or you will be killed.
    This is the future..
    It is them or us.
    If whites do not ethnically cleanse the aliens, they will cleanse us and bury us.
    The USA under Clinton bombed the shit out of heroic Serbia to help Muslim scum from Albania and Kosovo – one of the worst countries on earth, and about the worst white people anywhere. They are as low as gypsies and Afghans, both of whom are not even white.
    Rwanda showed us the future. The group with the most machetes wins – the best, brightest, kindest and most intelligent are wiped out. Stalin and Lenin and Trotsky also proved this as did Pol Pot.
    Nice guys finish last. Look at Sweden for proof.

    • Back when Clinton was doing his dirty deeds I still believed what the American press told me. I thought Milosevic was a bad guy. LIttle did I know. Once Internet news became available, I began to learn the truth. David Icke, Henry Makow, Amren, and Stormfront were go to sources. So was Edgar Steele’s Conspiracy Pen Pal site, now sadly gone from the Internet.

      • Kosovo is apparently the Jerusalem of the Serbian Orthodox church.

        A Serb told me once he saw the people who left Kosovo. 400,000 of them walking down the freeway through Belgrade with all the stuff in wheelbarrows and carts.
        Albanians got all their houses. Madeleine Albright called some of them “Filthy Serbs” at a book signing. Serbs saved her from the Nazis during WW2 she says. I’m not sure why she had to hide from the Nazis- she only lately figured out that she might be Jewish.
        Belgrade’s better now, a nice place apparently. But something irreplaceable must have gone. Most Serbs would be children of the world now so wouldn’t care that much.

  2. Henry Makow has a good article about the Muslim attack in Quebec.

    Even better are the read comments, in particular:

    Cecil said (February 2, 2017):

    Henry: While the terrorist attack is a tragedy, it does NOT address the issue—ON PURPOSE.

    While violence is a concern, the prime reason we don’t want non-Whites and Muslims is because we have the right to have our own countries.

    The West, including Canada and America, is not and never was intended to be, a place for “all races and nations”. To claim that it is, or was, is a direct attack on the identity, legitimacy, and existence of the Western people.

    This talk about “oppressed minorities” dissimulates the very real disenfranchisement of the White majority, and serves to deny us from our rights to public empathy, to dignity, or to even basically survive in a world of our own.

    Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for Everyone IS White Genocide.

    They are coming to conquer. That they use passive means — moving in, demanding society adjust to them, and reproducing until they can vote themselves into power — does not matter, nor does it matter that they do not consciously intend these things. Their presence, whether they mean it or not, amounts to an invasion.

    White Genocide: is a crime, not a ‘policy option’. Jail for Justin!!!

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