‘Polite’ Moose Makes Itself at Home After Falling Into Family’s Basement

I know cops. They love a challenge, but one that’s not hazardous.

When called to a house at 2 A.M. in the morning to escort a moose out of the basement, the cops were in seventh heaven. This was going to be fun and easy.


An Idaho family was startled awake in the middle of the night when a moose suddenly found itself stuck in their basement.

Julie Emerick, 50, of Hailey, told InsideEdition.com that she was suddenly woken up by the sound of her dog furiously barking at about 2 a.m. Sunday morning.

“I opened up the blinds, and right outside the window was this huge moose’s head,” Emerick said. “Literally 2 feet from my face with just the glass between us.”

Moments later, she watched the moose slip, and fall into their 4-foot-deep window well.

“The moose is in terrible distress because she didn’t quite fit into this window well,” she explained. “She’s thrashing and crying and hitting the side of the house.”

She immediately woke her husband and dialed 911.

By the time she went back downstairs to check on the moose, it was no longer stuck in the window. In fact, the animal had somehow fallen into her 17-year-old son’s bedroom in the home’s basement, and made itself comfortable.

Luckily, her son was out for the night, Emerick said.

“Moose can be very aggressive,” she said. “They will trample you [but] you’ve never met a more polite moose ever. She was so docile.”

She added: “But the TV happened to be in my son’s bedroom at the time. I’m like, ‘Oh, great, the flat screen’s in there with a hoof through it.”

Within 30 minutes, more than 10 responders from the Hailey Police Department, Blaine County Sheriff’s Department and Idaho Department of Fish and Game arrived on the scene.

“The moose was definitely scared, it’s never been in a home,” Lt. Steve England told InsideEdition.com.

He said the team first tried to shoo the creature out by leading it up the stairs and out the front door, but she didn’t quite take the hint. The moose also began charging at officers whenever they got too close.

“We realized we couldn’t get it out on our own, so we called the tranquilizer out of Twin Falls,” England said.

When the moose was finally sedated at about 5:30 a.m., eight members of the rescue team loaded the animal onto a tarp and were able to lift the moose up the stairs and out of the home within 20 minutes.

Ten minutes later, Emerick watched as the moose ran away.

Although the animal somehow didn’t leave any damage to the property, Emerick said “there was moose poop everywhere.

“It looked like Milk Duds had comploded all over my house,” she joked.

She stayed home the following day to clean up the mess, even recruiting a friend to help her clean the carpets.

“My son did not have a very clean room [so] it’s actually cleaner now than it was before it happened,” she said.

4 thoughts on “‘Polite’ Moose Makes Itself at Home After Falling Into Family’s Basement

  1. Ha! A peeping Tomasina! Cute rascals with droopy snouts or are they droopy lips. One has to wonder how they missed out on the refinement, grace and beauty of their deer kin, instead, looking like a semi-horse (made that up) someone trying to remember what a horse looked like from memory and got it terribly wrong. And…so, the word “moose” fits them perfectly. Who came up with that?

    Here are some moose facts: See one ordering lunch at McDonalds on page 9, lower right hand corner, photo #3.


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