Have A Laugh GIF: Doggie Con Man

A doggie troll has the last laugh.

10 thoughts on “Have A Laugh GIF: Doggie Con Man

    • Agreed, Steve. I was going to say what the dog thought but you beat me to it.
      “Every time I scratch my balls some Chinaman comes up to bother me!”. We need to send him to that bestiality bitch that Paladin wrote about a couple of days ago.

  1. He reminds me of what I just wrote in the beggar comment. Pretending to be crippled is a great asset for beggars.
    I am humiliated daily in the City of Sydney. Most beggars are whiies, with almost everyone walking past and giving them nothing not white – Chinese and Indians mostly. Often one one person in ten in the city during working hours is white. Have I been teleported to Macau or Hong Kong, am I dreaming like Rip van Winkle?
    Can any Us citizen imagine what a fall from grace the white man and woman has taken in Sydney? Many are fat obese slugs, unemployed, welfare bludgers, alkos, winos, boozehounds, gamblers, homeless, drug addicts, even beggars – in a wealthy Socialist “paradise”.
    There are also cardboard and tent cities here and there mostly occupied by whites in the land their forefathers made great.

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