Today is the First Day of Black History Month: How are YOU Going to Celebrate?

I guess there’ll be a black Google doodle every day in February. The one above for February 1, 2017 shows Edmonia Lewis, a black sculptress. Wikipedia has this black Wonder Woman covered.

To be honest, she did a lot of good sculptures, including the one below called The Death of Cleopatra.

So, how are YOU going to celebrate Black History Month?

Me? I’m going to make more mean, racist GIFs like this one.

got him gif bayonet soldier

Just kidding.

Life comes at you fast. Next month is Women’s History Month.

I nominate the Aryan woman as Google’s doodle next month:

All of these “history months” are just an effort to put lipstick on a pig.


9 thoughts on “Today is the First Day of Black History Month: How are YOU Going to Celebrate?

    • It wasn’t like we ignored blacks and women back in the day. Amelia Earhart, Clara Barton, Dolly Madison, etc. represented women pretty well. Booker T. Washington and George Washington Carver represented blacks well. The leading Founding Fathers and Thomas Edison, Bell, etc, represented the white male very nicely.

      • They have plenty of food in Africa.
        There will be a population adjustment due to various factors however, but they’ll do oK.

      • Food is not distributed in Africa evenly. Most Somalis, Eritreans, North Sudanese would be dead without free food from whites. Like “Band Aid” free food from gullible music fans, so a Jew gets a knighthood. Sir Bob Gelding.

        Egypt and other North African countries import a huge amount of grain every year. Meanwhile Africa doubles its population every 30 to 40 years. Some countries every 25 years!
        There is no way that the current one billion plus Africans could survive without outside do gooders feeding them like zoo animals. Wild animals everywhere are being slaughtered for “bushmeat” by hungry Africans – this food source is disappearing. Meanwhile a lot of food is exported from Africa for cash. No African country helps another African country.
        In many way blacks are a lot smarter than whites.
        Feeding your enemies and rivals is just plain suicidal.

        All we need is a worldwide grain famine or transport crisis and hundreds of millions of Africans will be gone for ever, and good riddance.

        In order for 8 billion (or 9 billion) humans to survive, everything has to go right. This of course is impossible over a long period of time. Mass die off is inevitable and I look forward to it and hope I live to see it. The Coons will die a lot more than the whites – if any country can be called white by then. Altruism is only useful in hard times, not good times. Altruism is only for the family, in group or the tribe – not foreign pieces of shit and invaders.

  1. I’ll, celebrate on March 1, “THANK GOD BLAK HISTORY MONTH IS OVER!” Unfortunately the jew msm celebrates negro monkeyshines and worship nogs 365 days a year

    I’ve heard a lot of nigro leaders and aKtivists bitch about them getting the shortest month of the year; they are NEVER happy no matter what

  2. Blacks don’t care about history of any sort. Their dumbasses repeat every mistake ever made daily. Don’t believe me. Watch your 6 o’clock news and keep a running tab of the race of the latest victim and his killer.

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