Have A Laugh: Party Hard Fred

I thought I was the only one who avoided harming spiders. Roaches are a different story, however.

5 thoughts on “Have A Laugh: Party Hard Fred

    • Actually, what I always do is coax the spider on to a good sized towel and then take it outside and shake it off in a nice shady, friendly spot. I’ve never been attacked by one while doing this. I wouldn’t do it with a poisonous spider though.

      • Lol! I can see you doing that!

        If I see them outside, I tell them they’re safe as long as they don’t go into the house. If they do, it’s over!

        There are only a few insects that have my mercy. Ladybugs, lightening bugs (fireflies), praying mantis, butterflies, bees, and bumblebees, but they normally don’t try to sneak into houses.

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