Trump Suggests Bomb Threats Against Jews Are False Flags

The Daily Beast

Oy vey! The Donald is in trouble now.

He knows. And he’s even willing to say it.

The Daily Beast

After a slew of bomb threats forced evacuations at Jewish community centers and schools in 11 states on Monday, President Trump reportedly suggested that the threats may have been done to “make others look bad.”

Billy Penn and Buzzfeed interviewed Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro after he met with Trump at the White House on Tuesday. Shapiro, a Democrat, quoted Trump as saying the bomb threats may have come from “the reverse” in order to “make others look bad.”

“He used the word ‘reverse’ I would say two to three times in his comments,” Shapiro told Billy Penn. “I really don’t know what he means, and I don’t know why he said that.”

Shapiro was among a number of state attorneys general who met with Trump just two days after a Jewish cemetery was vandalized in Philadelphia, and a week after a Jewish cemetery in St. Louis was also ransacked. Police have not made arrests in either case.

During the meeting, Shapiro said Trump also called the wave of anti-Semitic attacks “reprehensible” and said he would discuss the matter further during a speech before the joint session of Congress tonight.

Both the White House and the Pennsylvania attorney general’s office have not responded to requests from The Daily Beast for comment.

Trump and his administration have recently taken to blaming both the previous administration and paid activists for a slew of consistent protests against his policies throughout the first month of his presidency.

During an interview with Fox and Friends on Tuesday morning, Trump blamed former President Obama for protests and leaks that have come out.

“I think he is behind it,” Trump said. “I also think it’s just politics. That’s just the way it is.”

During a daily press briefing last week, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer also said that recent uproar from constituents at congressional town-hall meetings across the country were partially due to a “professional protester manufactured base.”

Actually, it’s not Obama behind it. It’s (((George Soros.))) Obama is just the front man for Soros.


Pizza Joint Fires Worker Who Wrote “pig ass motherf*cker” on Cop’s Receipt

When a pizza joint charges $5.50 for one slice of pizza, the employees ought to bow and curtsey to you. That’s a king’s ransom for a small amount of food.

An employee of Southside Pizza in Austin, Texas, presumably a gentleman of color, didn’t give a hungry Latino cop the royal treatment, however. He went full retard, as blacks will often do.

Fox News

The manager of a pizza restaurant in Austin, Texas says he fired an employee after a police officer who came in to order food was given a receipt that included a profane insult.

Officer Nito Delgado-Eberhardt visited Southside Flying Pizza on East Cesar Chavez Saturday night.

He late posted about the incident on Facebook, according to Blue Lives Matter, writing “Was hoping to get a quick slice for the road. Instead, got a bad vibe from the cashier. What sealed the deal for me was seeing her taking a picture of the patrol car while flipping it off. Good times. The receipt is proof after the fact that it was money well spent to learn about this place. We did NOT eat the food.”

The employee allegedly wrote “pig a— motherf—–” at the bottom of the receipt.

Southside Flying Pizza manager David Hatley says that he was “appalled” by the actions of the employee.

“That’s where we hang our hat is customer service and quality of food, but even more so with the police officers that work in our community,” Hatley told Fox 7.

After hearing about the incident, the restaurant manager said he took swift action to correct the problem.

“Obviously we’re deeply appalled by the incident and that employee has been let go. We’ve also already donated a combined $1,000 to a police memorial fund,” Hatley said.

President of the Austin Police Association Ken Casaday says local law enforcement officials are appreciative of the actions taken by Hatley and his team.

“This is one bad incident that I think they definitely deserve to be forgiven for. Of all people that should know this is police officers,” said Casaday.

He added that while anti-police rhetoric has become more common in recent years, they are also seeing a lot of positivity from people in the communities in which they serve.

“We see more people that act like that towards us, but we’re also seeing, on the other side, it’s very unlikely for me to walk into a restaurant in Austin and not have someone pay for my food.”

Despite Southside management’s swift action to mend relations with the police officer, Hatley says his shop has received several death threats via email and over the phone since the receipt was posted online. Austin police say they plan to visit Southside Flying Pizza Monday to demonstrate their continued support for the business.

Why do we rarely get to learn the names of the perps in this kind of story? A good reporter would get the name from the shop owner and then pay the perp a visit to see what he had to say.

David Seaman Emerges to Address His Disappearance Over Pizzagate Slander


When leading #pizzagate researcher David Seaman took down all his youtube videos and shut down his Twitter account, many of us were mystified.

Buzzfeed, a truly vile leftist site published a hit piece on David on February 25, which apparently upset him enough to disappear himself from the Internet temporarily.

Buzzfeed tries to label people who tell the truth as crazies.

To wit, the conspiracy-news internet’s biggest stars, some of whom now enjoy New Yorker profiles and presidential influence, largely live on YouTube — some of them on the site’s news channel. Infowars — whose founder and host, Alex Jones, claims Sandy Hook didn’t happen, Michelle Obama is a man, and 9/11 was an inside job — broadcasts to 2 million subscribers on YouTube. So does Michael “Gorilla Mindset” Cernovich. So too do a whole genre of lesser-known but still wildly popular YouTubers, people like Seaman and Stefan Molyneux (an Irishman closely associated with the popular “Truth About” format). As do a related breed of prolific political-correctness watchdogs like Paul Joseph Watson and Sargon of Akkad (real name: Carl Benjamin), whose videos focus on the supposed hypocrisies of modern liberal culture and the ways they leave Western democracy open to a hostile Islamic takeover. As do a related group of conspiratorial white-identity vloggers like Red Ice TV, which regularly hosts neo-Nazis in its videos.

The Buzzfeed piece goes on to plant the idea in the public mind that all content that the left doesn’t like (Holocaust truth, for example) should be removed by youtube. In other words, it’s time to clean up the Internet and make it politically correct.

I guess Buzzfeed thinks that the idea of a Satanic cult of (((powerful people))), exposed by Seaman and thousands of others, is a good place to start.

Interestingly, a lady I know who is a Trump supporter and a believer in conspiracies becomes enraged with me when I bring up Pizzagate. She angrily denounces it as fake news.

Anyway, here’s David Seaman’s response to the smear job on “conspiracy theorists,” himself in particular.

Fulcrum News

Note From David

FEBRUARY 27, 2017
I got the word I would be attacked a lot this week. “Character assassination.”

Let them do it. Let them say whatever they want. I helped get the word out in time, and that changes history. Fake News corporate media, owned by the people who lost the election, does not represent truth or knowledge or wisdom.

I just don’t want to see it. I’m somewhere safe and will return to my usual media schedule next week sometime. It is tedious to reply to their made-up theories about me. They use the same playbook all the time- it’s called Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.”

I don’t recommend you read it. It will lower your energy level; it’s a book about manipulating people and breaking people, rather than healing through love and insight. But, of course, many in the political class are still operating out of that old paradigm where they need to break and harm us, bend us to their will. I opt out of that paradigm, as should each of you.

Anyone with half a mind knows I did not go through what I went through over the last 4 months to promote an out of print Internet marketing textbook I wrote 9 years ago. Anyone with a half a heart knows I did not become one of the first US journalists to call out the ring’s child trafficking in order to make money from a gold company’s affiliate program. And anyone who is a friend knows I do not like George Soros. I’ve read his books, he has a legendary financial mind (or did until recently), and he has used his wealth and power to make our world less safe, less beautiful, and more fear-based.

That’s not acceptable. Ironically, some of the groups calling me a Soros shill are likely financed by him. Why do that? Well, it’s in Rules for Radicals- these are not nice people.

As for my YouTube, the videos have been deleted for legal reasons. I will be able to discuss this more next week, when I return to my regular public schedule.

God bless you all and thank you for being people of great integrity, people who aren’t swayed by the flicker of dishonest people on TV and dishonest bloggers at Buzzfeed and elsewhere.

A new world is ahead. Not a new world order, as they intended. A free world.

As was posted on Saboteur365 on February 26 in the comments section, there are doubts about his sincerity that some of us hold.

Feel free to disagree with me, but I believe he’s sincere in wanting to see the Deep State dismantled, with the #pizzagate players disgraced and imprisoned. He may have faults, like we all do, but his heart is in the right place.

Am I wrong?

Outrageous! Georgia Man and Woman Sentenced to Combined 35 Years for “Terrorizing” Black Sprog’s Birthday Party with Confederate flags

How does a minor misdemeanor got blown up into a major hate crime?

When someone disrespects blacks in Atlanta, Georgia, one of America’s chocolate cities.

A Latino male and his white girl friend are going to spend decades in prison pondering the injustice and complete bullshit perpetrated on them by a corrupt legal system.

I can guarantee you that the jury in this case was all black. I can also guarantee you that the defendants harmed no one, other than their feelings.

This story makes me want to puke, even if the male defendant is a Latino. Remember, if this stands, the next time it could be you locked away for being a little disrespectful to America’s Negro Gods.

At worst, this should have been charged as “disturbing the peace.”

New York Daily News via

A Georgia man and woman have been sentenced to a combined 35 years after terrorizing a black child’s birthday party with Confederate flags, racial slurs and threats.

Jose Ismael Torres and Kayla Rae Norton were convicted earlier this month under a street gang terrorism law for the 2015 harassment in Douglassville, outside Atlanta, and cried in court on Monday.

Video footage from the party, little more than a month after Dylann Roof’s Charleston church massacre, shows a parade of trucks roaring by with Confederate “Stars and Bars” flags.

One person is heard shouting the n-word, while witnesses said that another had a gun sand said “he was gonna kill the n—–s.”

Superior Court Judge William McClain said that Torres, 26, and Norton, 25, had committed a hate crime, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.



Georgia does not have a hate crime statute.

Torres was sentenced to 20 years, with 13 of them in prison, for aggravated assault, terroristic threats and street gang terrorism.
Norton, who according to the Journal-Constitution is the mother of Torres’s children, was sentenced to 15, serving six, for terroristic threats and street gang terrorism.

The presence of the Confederate battle flag throughout much of the South came under scrutiny after the shooting by Roof, who was pictured with the banner on his white supremacist website.

Prosecutors have said that the cases against Torres, Norton and other defendants are not based on their right to fly a Confederate flag, but on threats against the victims.

A grand jury indicted 15 people in the “Respect the Flag” group, which said that victims had thrown objects at them, on street gang terrorism charges for the birthday party disruption.

Georgia Department of Corrections efforts show that Thomas Charles Summers was convicted of terrorist threats and battery, and sentenced to six years in prison last year.

Others who were less involved pleaded guilty and were put into diversion program, the Journal-Constitution reported.

There are Negro murderers who will spend way less time in prison than these two pranksters. Resist!

Police: Texas Mexican man killed prostitute, let acquaintance have sex with her body, set her on fire


If you live some place where Mexicans are rare, you probably don’t see many stories like this bizarre incident. Lucky you.

Weird news of heinous murders and crazy sex are common in the San Antonio area. You may remember the story of Julie Mott, whose body was stolen from a San Antonio funeral home. I had several posts on it back in 2015, I believe it was.

The story at hand, the murder of a prostitute, would not be newsworthy in this area. But there’s a twist. Read on and be prepared to be shocked.

My San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO — A 29-year-old man was arrested Sunday for allegedly strangling a prostitute and letting an acquaintance have sex with her body before setting her on fire in a South Side garage, according to court documents.

Javier Hernandez allegedly confessed to an unnamed witness that he killed a prostitute by strangling her and burning her body next to his home. Prior to burning her body, an acquaintance of the suspect allegedly had sex with the dead woman’s body, according to an arrest affidavit obtained by

The witness told police Hernandez appeared excited and full of “adrenaline” after allegedly committing the crime, the affidavit said.

Police found her badly burned body on Jan. 22 in a detached garage in the 300 block of West Harding Boulevard. An arson-sniffing dog was brought to the scene and detected an accelerant used in the creation of the fire, according to the arrest affidavit.

Her body was so badly burned that the only identifying information police had was a part of her back that was not burned. That portion of her back had a tattoo and a photo of it was shared with the media, according to previous reports.

The woman has yet to be identified, said SAPD spokesman Douglas Greene.

She is described as being Hispanic and between 18 and 35 years old. She appears to have had brown hair and breast implants and a tattoo on her lower back, previous reports said.

Police charged Hernandez with first-degree murder on Sunday.

If convicted, he faces five to 99 years or life in prison.

I believe the feds still count Hispanics as white, so this horrific crime will go down in the books as a white on white crime, thus inflating the white crime rate. We ought to change that and give Latinos their own category in the crime statistics.

Latina Fires 3 Shots into Sleeping Boyfriend’s Genitals

When feminists see stories like this one they usually get all happy. That’ll teach a cheating boyfriend. Shoot him in the penis and then turn lesbo.

I believe I was probably about seven years old when my mother told me that when a “spic” likes you they really like you. They are an insanely jealous people, my mother told little me. You see, we lived next door to a family from Honduras, who had a beautiful red cocker spaniel named Mitzi that little me liked to use as a pillow. I’ll never forget Mitzi. Likewise, the family had a beautiful 20 something daughter who wore big round earrings, low cut blouses, and bright red lipstick.

She had a lot of boyfriends. There was probably reason for jealousy. At age 7 I learned that Hispanics like to flirt a lot.

SCOTTSDALE — Police say Scottsdale woman shot her boyfriend multiple times while he slept because she believed he was having an affair.

A probable cause statement to arrest 53-year-old Delia Flores says she shot her live-in boyfriend while he slept in a chair on Sunday.

The Arizona Republic reports that police said she shot him once in the penis and twice in the scrotum.

The boyfriend woke up to what he thought were fireworks but were actually seven gunshot wounds, including his groin area and neck. The victim is expected to survive.

The statement says Flores bought the gun a week earlier. Her boyfriend told police he didn’t know she had one and that he didn’t have an affair.

Flores faces charges of attempted first-degree murder and aggravated assault. She made her first appearance in court on Monday and has a preliminary hearing scheduled for March 8.

Penn State to Erect MONUMENT to DIVERSITY: They Need Your Opinion

Won’t you please go all in for inclusion, diversity, and all dat sheeeeeeeeeeit?

Read the pro-diversity blurb from Penn State below. At the link, there’s a space for your name, email, and a place to write why diversity makes you feel so good. After the blurb, you can read what I wrote them.

All in at Penn State

What inspires you?
At Penn State, we’ve been spotlighting Diversity and Inclusion, including creating an outdoor commemorative piece to permanently highlight our commitment to having an inclusive University for generations to come. As part of that, we’re asking students, faculty and staff to share your thoughts on being “All In.”

In 30 to 50 words, tell us what Diversity and Inclusion mean to you. What inspires you to be “All In”? Where will being committed to Diversity and Inclusion bring us in the future? Your contribution or excerpts from it may be included in the University’s outdoor piece or shared with the community on social media and other outlets.

After filling in the name box as Adolf Humpster and giving a ridiculous fake email address, I filled in the box this way. Warning: Extreme trolling ahead.

Speaking as a white male, diversity is wonderful. I love pussy. It’s all pink inside. The color of the skin outside may differ but it’s that pink hole that inspires me to love diversity. Hindu girls? Man, they are easy, even if I have to put a bag over my head and hers too. Those are some ugly chicks. Ghetto mamas? I love the smell of watermelon and fried chicken all mixed together. It’s an AFRO aphrodisiac. Mexicans are the best though. Once you disinfect their buttholes to get the smell of bean farts washed away, you’re in for a sweet ride. And on days when I’m feeling a bit faggy, it’s great to have a sewer slut with a mustache to ride. I’ll always love diversity.

After submitting my little essay in support of diversity, this came back:

Thank you for you feedback! We’re making Penn State a more diverse and inclusive university, together.

Believe me, I was happy to help.

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