White Twitter Explodes in Joy Over Trump Supremes Nominee Neil Gorsuch

More later on the liberal screeching caused by this nomination.


For the rest of us, this is what winning feels like.

Before the joyous Tweets, check out the video of Trump announcing the nomination. Inspiring. I’ll try to find Judge Gorsuch’s speech tonight and update this post when I do. Now, here’s President Trump:

Here’s the Tweet John Rivers was responding to:

Now, Unlimited JOY!!!


4 thoughts on “White Twitter Explodes in Joy Over Trump Supremes Nominee Neil Gorsuch


    Laura Ingraham said on Hannity tonight, Trump will be nominating another one in about three months. Does she have insider information? Hope it’s Ginsberg.

    Gorsuch was my first choice. Only one of the 21 on the list I researched called an ‘originalist’ and ‘textualist.’ We certainly don’t need previous wrong court decisions to take precedence.

    Our Founders will sleep well tonight!

      • Hardiman would be next, but no one stood out as much as Gorsuch. He’s also a White Anglo-Saxon protestant. None in the court. Long overdue. Hardiman is Catholic.

  2. I am not religious, but I am not sure if some providence might have been involved in Trump’s arrival as World’s savior against DemonCraps and the Turds they represent.

    If Trump would keep blocking Turd-floods from the Third World, trash Political Correctness and retake America back from her polluting enemies, he would fulfill his Earthly Mission.

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