Stefan Molyneux Explains How Trump May Have Just Saved Western Civilization

Stefan claims to have 300,000,000 total views on his videos. He explains specific issues with a clarity that is rare, so people keep coming back to watch the next one.

In this video, Donald Trump is passionately defended by Stefan. The video focuses on Trump’s push for safe zones for refugees in the Middle East, paid for by the Gulf States. Trump made two phone calls and got the job done. Stefan says, “Enjoy this.”

Muslims will now have no legitimate reason to migrate to Europe or be imported into the States. They can stay close to their own homelands where they feel most comfortable. And the West can stay safe.

7 thoughts on “Stefan Molyneux Explains How Trump May Have Just Saved Western Civilization

  1. Yeah and if you believe that, I have some swampland in Florida that would be just perfect for your Barbie Dreamhouse. This American Dream is a nightmare for anyone who can see. Live a life of drudgery. Lift up the failed races and let them breed your grandkids.
    Wise up White Man. Take up the White Man’s Burden and dump it on the Trash Heap of History. Muslim Ban My Ass. He’s stopping the refugees from six of the 57 Muslim States. Wow, what a hero.
    Vlad Tepes he is not. Nor Richard the Lionhearted. This defense of Western Civilization will go down in History as a footnote at best. Trump isn’t the Caesar you’re all waiting for. He reminds me a lot more of Marius. Marius was a Patrician who formed a populist resistance to the decadence of Rome. He tried mightily to warn the Imperial Senate of the follies of their slavery and decadent lifestyles that were emptying the treasury and displacing Roman Citizens. He warned of fruitless wars that aggrandized Generals and didn’t add to the safety and treasury of Rome whilst depleting the fighting Legions. He was ignored. Gaius Julius Caesar learned from his mistakes. When he failed, Caesar realized the System was doomed.

    • Yeah and he is also forgetting about all the african invaders that go into europe, even if they are not threatened by war or persecution.
      I mean ok, perhaps Trump actually did take a stop towards stopping the refugee problem from the middle east (though i doubt the ban did much, i think it’s mostly making the basis of a future safe zone there).
      But the problem is a looooooong way from being solved.

      • He’s forcing the Libs and MSM to show their hand at least. The excuse always given to ALL immigrants is that they are “refugees”. This will at least force them to admit that they are not refugees, but economic migrants.

        While not a solution in itself, it will change the argument in our favor.

    • Julius Caesar failed the moment the Roman Jewish community began sponsoring him. He was warned several times not to deal with them as they were traitorous to Republican Values—and he got hit up for this. One footnote: Jews stood over the place where he was murdered for 39 days sobbing and praying for him—such was their investment in that prick…

  2. I don’t know how good the rest of the video is, but I had to turn it off at 4:49. For me, it really is quite simple. Jewish political power brought in the refugees to genocide whites. Jewish Steve will make articulate arguments and avoid the JQ because he is jewish. I don’t think he hurts us, but he is not helping much by avoiding it.

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