Scumbag (((Anthony Weiner))) to Face Child Pornography Charges?


Charge him. Throw the book at Anthony Weiner.

Then offer him a plea deal for the evidence that would send Bill and Hillary Clinton to prison for rest of their lives.

Drain the swamp, boys, while the draining is good.

Wall Street Journal

Federal prosecutors are weighing bringing child-pornography charges against former congressman Anthony Weiner over sexually explicit exchanges he allegedly had with a 15-year-old girl, according to people familiar with the matter.

Mr. Weiner, a New York Democrat, is being investigated by the U.S. attorney’s office in Manhattan and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which seized his electronic devices, including a laptop and a cellphone, as part of the probe.

Officials initiated the investigation last fall, after the Daily Mail in the U.K. reported that Mr. Weiner had exchanged sexually explicit messages and photos with the girl.

In recent weeks, according to some of the people familiar with the matter, attorneys for Mr. Weiner have had discussions with federal prosecutors in Manhattan in hopes of dissuading them from bringing charges, or at least from bringing the most serious one: production of child pornography, which carries a 15-year mandatory minimum prison sentence upon conviction.

These types of discussions can indicate both sides are trying to reach an agreement in which the defendant pleads guilty in exchange for a less-severe charge.

Mr. Weiner could face the production charge, some of the people familiar with the case say, because he allegedly solicited explicit images from the teenager. Prosecutors also are weighing other charges, including receipt of child pornography, for which conviction carries a five-year mandatory minimum, and possession of child pornography, which has no mandatory minimum.

Prosecutors could decide not to bring any charges.

It isn’t known what images prosecutors have found in the course of the investigation. Federal child pornography laws are broadly written, and lawyers who have defended people charged with child pornography say certain types of images could receive lighter treatment under the law, such as photos of nude minors who aren’t engaging in sexually explicit activity.

In determining child-pornography charges, prosecutors often take into account a range of contextual evidence, including whether a person specifically sought out a minor, whether the incident fits a pattern of similar behavior with minors and whether the person knew the individual was a minor.

Mr. Weiner has said he might have been the victim of a hoax. The Daily Mail reported in September that Mr. Weiner had provided the newspaper copies of two emails the teenager sent him that he said “raised questions about her claims.”

Mr. Weiner resigned from Congress in 2011, after the first reports that he had lewd exchanges with women online. He attempted a political resurrection with a New York City mayoral bid in 2013, but his career in politics was ultimately extinguished after a fresh round of sexually explicit messages he had exchanged with another woman emerged in the midst of his campaign.

The high-profile criminal probe into Mr. Weiner upended the final days of the 2016 presidential race. Less than two weeks before election day, FBI Director James Comey disclosed that FBI agents had discovered a laptop with emails that might be related to the probe of a private email server used by Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State. The emails turned out to have been on a laptop used by Mr. Weiner and his now-estranged wife, Huma Abedin, a top aide to Mrs. Clinton.

Read the background on this story at the Daily Mail, in a story published last October.

8 thoughts on “Scumbag (((Anthony Weiner))) to Face Child Pornography Charges?

  1. “production of child pornography, which carries a 15-year mandatory minimum prison sentence upon conviction.”

    Let the punishment fit the crime, somebody or other said. This sentence is longer than almost all murderers actually serve in prison. For a photo sent by the victim and not taken by the “producer”.

    How can receiving a couple of requested pictures be producing porn? To me it only becomes porn if (((Mr Weiner))) distributes the photos in some way. If he keeps it private there is very little harm done. Whilst a 15 year old can not give permission to have sex, is it also implied they do not know what they are doing if they send a naked picture of themselves? Why are 15 year olds allowed to cross the street without an adult holding their hand, or ride a bicycle on the road unsupervised? It is obvious they are still babies in the eyes of the law. Amazingly, 15 year olds are allowed to legally babysit actual babies.

    The law is an ass. Underage teenagers do this sexting all the time and nobody gets charged. But if say the boy is 18 and the girl 15 – he may be sent up the river 15 years jail minimum.

    To my mind Weiner is much more guilty if he was pretending to be somebody else – e.g. a teenage boy. If he sent her his real pictures and told her his real age he is hardly a master criminal.

    To contrast these photos with a real crime. In Sydney a 14 year old girl was raped by an African male while she was in the care of Social Services types. One year later she was dead from a drug overdose – still while being ‘looked after” by the Guvmint. No rape charges were ever laid against the lovely sweet kind brainy African male. “The chances of his DNA on her underpants not being his was less than one in 100 billion” (Source Sydney Daily Telegraph. Note 100 billion number, not million). To the authorities this introduced doubt!!!!!!!! He got off scot free and the victim is dead at the age of 15. She is known as “Girl X” the Gubmint refuses to name her, so I do not know what colour she was.

    • Don’t try making these arguments at the Huffington Post. A few years ago I tried to reason with the liberals there. No luck. I was accused of being a pedophile for making the arguments.

      Liberals see these kinds of laws as getting back at the hated white male. If a Jew gets caught up once in a while in something like this, then that’s the price they are willing to pay.

      Like in the U.S., pre-Trump, darkie migrants get a free pass. American Negros not as much.

  2. You have it correct, Paladin. Weiner is a scumbag, but he is now of little danger. NOT SO, the Clintons. The Clinton’s offer death to many more innocent children and more.

    “So what are the Clinton gang doing while Trump introduces anti-Muslim immigration discrimination? Oh, they are pushing for war with Iran…”. [Document at site]

    “To include Iran but exclude Saudi Arabia is further evidence of the twisting of US foreign policy to serve the interests of Saudi Arabia and its ally Israel.”

    • Weiner can be used as a pawn in a game of chess. He’s small potatoes.

      As to Iran, the globalist neocon Jews are behind this “bomb Iran” insanity. Will they introduce a bill that leads to a nuclear war with Russia? Every day the neocons will be stabbing Trump in the back.

      This is serious business. Those of us who are anti-war are somtimes called anti-American. Ha. Americans have been duped for so long they have no idea what the truth is.

      • Then offer him a plea deal for the evidence that would send Bill and Hillary Clinton to prison for rest of their lives.
        Love the gambit !!
        Put the psycho bitch in the slammer !

  3. People are as dumb as a beast. We are pornographic. Clothing that has no brain is fooling people who are as dumb as a beast.
    Weiner is not a Quran follower. There is no deceit in his heart. Why are people ignoring Muslims who want forced everything? People will not be sexting people had all of us be nude. We would be the same people without clothing. Allow for all of all ages to be nude, It will be a freeing thing. God made that body. Muslims hate the sight of that body. Nude does not mean sex.

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