Budweiser Pushes Open Borders Agenda in 2017 Super Bowl Ad

Because one German man came to the U.S. in 1850 and succeeded, white Americans MUST accept hundreds of millions of filthy, shiftless Africas, violent inbred, genetically defective Muslims, white-hating tacobenders,and every other bit of flotsam and jetsam that washes up onto our shores.

Budweiser is piss beer. Do not drink.

Excerpt from Breitbart

Ricardo Marques, vice president and executive for the Budweiser brand in the U.S., says the company’s pro-immigration Super Bowl ad is “relevant today,” in light of President Donald Trump’s executive order temporarily suspending the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program and his executive order intended to tighten security along the U.S.-Mexico border and enhance enforcement of U.S. immigration laws.

“It’s true, Adolphus Busch made an incredible journey to this country, and that’s really what this is about. It’s about his vision, his dream, everything that he doest to achieve that,” Marques told AdWeek. “Even though it happened in the 1850s, it’s a story that is super relevant today. That’s what we’re honing in on; it’s the pursuit, the effort, the passion, the drive, the hard work, the ambition, that’s really what this is about more than anything else.”

However, Marques insists that the ad’s placement during the Super Bowl is not an attempt at making a political statement.

“There’s really no correlation with anything else that’s happening in the country,” he said. “We believe this is a universal story that is very relevant today because probably more than any other period in history today the world pulls you in different directions, and it’s never been harder to stick to your guns.”

10 thoughts on “Budweiser Pushes Open Borders Agenda in 2017 Super Bowl Ad

  1. And there’s no way 99.99999999999999% of the hundreds of millions of filthy, shiftless Africans, violent inbred, genetically defective Muslims, white-hating tacobenders, and every other bit of flotsam and jetsam that washes up onto our shores will ever accomplish anything close to Adolphus Busch! Success for them is getting to the welfare office.

    If anyone remembers, we tried our best to stop the sale of Budweiser to Belgium’s InBev. They ignored us. Many vowed to never buy Budweiser again. Now this once fine American company has been losing money for some years. Serves it right. As it continues to fail, the Clydesdales and Dalmatian will probably be sold. We must make sure they get good homes.

  2. I would boycott Budweiser except for the fact that I haven’t touched that rice-fermented-in-horse-piss in decades;

  3. I guess Budweiser is unaware that beer is banned in most Muslim countries. Some like Turkey are tolerant. Others like Egypt have a 10% Christian population so they need beer in that hot climate.
    If enough Muslims enter any country, they will try to bring in Prohibition for all, not just Muslims. The USA, “great” nation, tried Prohibition once and it was a horrible failure. There were more drinkers at the end than before prohibition, and the country has been corrupt ever since. Thousands were poisoned by the Govt mandated poisons added to non drinking alcohols. Bootleggers sold these after trying to remove the poisons.

    Beer companies backing Muslim immigration is like Swedish and German young women backing the same scum immigrants with “Welcome Rapefugees” signs. In all cases they get fucked and not with consent either.

    What next, pork producers pushing for Muslim immigration? Has the world gone mad? Dentists allegedly pushing for fluoride in drinking water – are dentists idiots, like Budweiser and Swedish blonds?

    P.S. who makes Colt 45 – that maker should do very well as Africans invade the USA. Darkies are pretty bright in one respect – they think that beer of under 4% alcohol is piss. They only drink 6% and above and I do too. But I drink craft beers, Belgian beers, abbey beers. I doubt Colt 45 is a quality beer. Sierra Nevada makes great USA beers.

  4. Kohls did ads with fags
    Campbell Soup did ads with homo-faggot fathers
    Cheerios did ads with a mudsharking white whore and her mulatto sprog
    Coke did ads with “America The Beautiful” sung in 10,000 languages
    Now this
    Can’t even watch the goddamn Super Bowl without PC drivel being shoved down our throats.

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