BLM Seattle Protest: “We have to start killing people.”

From the youtube information box:


A female Black Lives Matter activist (reportedly a public school teacher) rants, “give your fucking money, your fucking house, your fucking property, we need it fucking all. Fuck white supremacy, fuck the U.S. empire, Kill the white house, fuck the white house, fuck your imperialist ass lives. That shit gotta go.”

Anti Trump TEACHER calls for the killing of white people


Recorded LIVE!

Never forget that the Democrat party supports the violence promoted by #BLM and the rest of the Soros financed sewer rats.

11 thoughts on “BLM Seattle Protest: “We have to start killing people.”

  1. Already posted on local forum, mostly Rightists, but Lefturds just can’t help themselves, as usual, they are coming and they are getting back – straight in the face

    Clashes between Races HAS to HAPPEN, in the US and in the meek sheepish EU. However, I have some ammo in the stack, probably will need more.

    • I’m not a pessimist but a realist, sadly these savage animals will overtake and exterminate us; the are savages an have no qualms about killing vey non shitstain and George soros and his other fellow satan worshipping globalist billion/trillionaires smile with satisfaction as they will give the savages all that they need to succeed in genociding yt……and the white race has become so neutered and afraid of being called r-a-y-c-I-s-t that collectively the niggers will take and take and take and whites will continue to give give give

      The niggers are determined right down to their demonic souls we lack the savagery and even if we did strike back 99% of white society would turn on us as Nazi haters…’s a win-win for the jooze

  2. And she’s a teacher ? About time this group were proscribed and they are domestic terrorists and should be hauled before the courts.

  3. She doesn’t like capitalism eh ? Doesn’t she know that most of her fellow blacks depend on capitalism to pay the wages of people and hence taxes to pay the welfare benefits.

    No capitalism, no Obama phone.

  4. It is Leftists, jews (including the “white”-skinned ones), jewsmedia and their MSM, Freemasonry and CFR leaders, blacks, jew-enabled Mexican groups, Democrats and upper-tier establishment Republicans who are united to propound violence against White people – THE real Americans. There are also controlled global Corporations, “educators”, and independent groupings of others who have been extending invitations into our country for others to do the same. For now – Whites are almost safe inside their own homes, but barely, and none are organized to fight against it. Is that what “modern life” will hold for future Whites?

  5. Blm is no different then the bla (black liberation army) of the 70’s.

    Shock troops for jews.

    It’s just that the mask has taken a little longer to come off.

  6. You can search the Bible from cover to cover and find that GOD did NOT create blacks…As a matter of fact GOD ordered the elimination of all Canaanites who were the first blacks…why because they were children of Satan’s fallen angels. Some were 15 foot tall as was Tubal-Cain 4th generation of the descendants of CAIN who murdered his brother ABEL. Midianites are also black. Moses was NOT allowed in the PROMISE LAND because he married a black. GOD hated Esau because he married two blacks. Blacks are the TRUE Supremacist! That is why their descendants of today have superior physical ability …Who was the first king of the Roman Empire –a black …and many of the Roman Emperors were black …Julius Caesar was white that is why black Brutus led the assassination of Caesar they thought he might be the Messiah! From the days of black Nimrod and Semiramis they have slaughtered whites because they hate GOD who threw Satan out of Heaven, Eventually ROMAN CATHOLICIS murdered the true son of GOD YAHSHUA/YAHUSHUA and gave him the Latin name of Jesus Christ. ROME STOLE the Christian religion! ROME also murdered all the Disciples and Apostles then built the great Arch of TITUS about 80 AD as their commitment to worship of SATAN who helped them kill the Messiah and all HIS Followers…they have worshipped Satan and the black Madonna ever since. The Vatican/ROME is the oldest DICTATORSHIP GOVERMENT IN THE WORLD…HOW CAN JESUIT-EPISCOPALIAN-CATHOLICS [who swore allegiance to the DICTATORSHIP of ROME] be allowed in America’s Democratic Government. And the Bible indicates they are the final ruling WORLD GOVERMENT…that has taken over America since 1829 and became the Democrat Party…They are black Supremacists…and their goal is to kill whites or have babies with white women to cover their black skin ..READ HISTORY …it’s all there. Why does the media not tell you this …all Nightly news anchors are Jesuit-Episcopalian Catholic or bad jews like King Herod …especially FOX NEWS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN …the entire Supreme Court is Jesuit Catholic …Jesuits are bad jews like King Herod who was used by ROME…so what iis Donald Trump …READ

    • @ John Angelo – You can start searching for some shrink, willing to listen to your “wisdoms”

      YOURS – “many of the Roman Emperors were black…” – Here we have two possibilities – You are seriously derailed or you are just a Negroid provocateur

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