Viral Conspiracy Theory: Trump Plotting Secret Coup


The name of the Google engineer promoting the theory that President Donald John Trump is plotting to overthrow the United States government is Yonatan Zunger.

You heard this same sh*t from TV pundit Keith Olbermann in his angry rant last month.

Here’s the link to this Israeli Jew’s blog. I guess Google couldn’t find a good American engineer? Yeah, right.

F*ck Google and f*ck Zunger.

Obviously, what they are trying to do is to incite the American military to arrest Trump and install a leftist military junta in his place. Many of the generals in place now are loyal to Obama, not the Constitution. I’m not sure whether the troops would obey the order to arrest and detain Trump.


Leftists celebrities and activists are spreading a conspiracy theory from a Google engineer that President Trump is planning a secret coup against the United States, causing the topic to trend on Twitter Monday.

“The administration is testing the extent to which the DHS (and other executive agencies) can act and ignore orders from the other branches of government,” claims Yonatan Zunger, a “Distinguished Engineer at Google, working on the Privacy team” according to his LinkedIn profile, in a blog post titled “Trial Balloon for a Coup?” published to Medium. “This is as serious as it can possibly get: all of the arguments about whether order X or Y is unconstitutional mean nothing if elements of the government are executing them and the courts are being ignored.”

“Yesterday was the trial balloon for a coup d’état against the United States,” he continued. “It gave them useful information.”

The article was shared by celebrities such as Hollywood star Mark Ruffalo, musician Questlove Gomez, House of Cards creator Beau Willimon, and #BlackLivesMatter activist Shaun King, legitimizing the conspiracy theory while gaining thousands of favorites and retweets.

Muh Jew published his junk theory at Medium. This artistic rendering of the post-Trump dead world used by Zunger in his piece is being widely shared.

The conspiracy theory is long and complex. At the end Zunger summarizes thusly.

Combining all of these facts, we have a fairly clear picture in play.

Trump was, indeed, perfectly honest during the campaign; he intends to do everything he said, and more. This should not be reassuring to you.

The regime’s main organizational goal right now is to transfer all effective power to a tight inner circle, eliminating any possible checks from either the Federal bureaucracy, Congress, or the Courts. Departments are being reorganized or purged to effect this.

The inner circle is actively probing the means by which they can seize unchallenged power; yesterday’s moves should be read as the first part of that.

The aims of crushing various groups — Muslims, Latinos, the black and trans communities, academics, the press — are very much primary aims of the regime, and are likely to be acted on with much greater speed than was earlier suspected. The secondary aim of personal enrichment is also very much in play, and clever people will find ways to play these two goals off each other.


I have to give (((Google))) and their Jew shill full credit for fanning the flames of paranoia. The long and involved theory that Zunger came up with would be credible coming from fiction writer Dan Brown of The DaVinci Code fame.

This theory doesn’t pass the Occam’s Razor test. Furthermore, we know that with Jews, you lose.

Pepe the Nazi frog has driven these zombies over the edge. A little cartoon frog. Wow!


felix cat laughing gif

One thought on “Viral Conspiracy Theory: Trump Plotting Secret Coup

  1. “DHS (and other executive agencies) can act and ignore orders from the other branches of government,”
    And vice versa.
    This is what comes of having too much Govt.

    I hope this Google is right. May Trump overthrow the Congress and Senate ASAP, who are all stooges for the Jew World Order. Perhaps he can force new elections for those 500 puppets of Netanyahu.

    Trump is being seriously goaded by the left, the media and by traitors like McCain. As a powerful man with a serious belief in himself this goading may be most unwise. He can and should smash the media and Hollywood in one fell swoop – monopolies are illegal. Also he could and and should disband the Fed Jewserve. Do it all and do it now.

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