Trump Supporter Attacked, Knocked Cold by Antifa Thugs at Portland Airport (Video)

Portland cops appear to be worthless from what I can see.

Some comments that capture the zeitgeist at youtube:

Why are these people not getting arrested? This is not free speech, this is literally hate speech and assault and domestic terrorism.

It’s Portland. One of the most liberal, progressive cities in the country, arguably the world. It’s so backwards insane, as a white person, I don’t even want to go there.

I doubt the fuck was even questioned.

They are rather vile, disgusting, creatures, aren’t they? Once they find out these protests are not going to get them one damn thing then I expect that they will begin blowing up things and killing people.

He was out and down for a very long time. Most likely has brain damage. Someone gave him brain damage for having a political view that is different from their own. Who are the fascists again?

i think it’s time to fight back

5 thoughts on “Trump Supporter Attacked, Knocked Cold by Antifa Thugs at Portland Airport (Video)

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    • That is because the media and Antifa and the New World Order are the (((same people))). Just because someone is bashed up does not make him a nazi. Voting Trump is not a nazi thing to do. Nazis would attack and beat up the antifa scum – if there were any real nazis these days. The cops of course would protect the antifa anarchists/Marxists. Lefties are the fascists these days.

  2. Where was the ambulance? There should be ambulances, and perhaps Coroners, standing by wherever masked Soros Antifa thugs are “protesting”. Why was the puncher not arrested? Why were no names and addresses taken, and especially unmasking all those wearing masks. Most (((masked))) types had quietly disappeared beofre the cops arrived. I wonder why? I am glad I do not live in the USA, videos like this make me sick. The protestors are stupid and have potty mouths, just listen to them…. “peaceful protest” – irony, they shout that after a man is potentially murdered.

    • We hired Trump to stop this. I don’t know if he’s up to the job. It may be the case that the antifa need to be doxxed and then murdered by the anti-antifa. Dylann Roof should have gone after these scumbags, not the people he killed.

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