Starbucks CEO: We’re Going to Hire 10,000 Refugees


Starbucks founder and CEO, Howard Schultz, is a Jew. He’s virtue signaling. Like all Jews, he mostly cares about one thing: Money!

Yahoo Finance

Starbucks (SBUX) CEO Howard Schultz sent out a company-wide letter following President Donald Trump’s decision to sign an executive order that bans citizens of seven majority Muslim countries from entering the United States.

The executive order, signed on Friday, temporarily halts citizens from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen from entering the US.

“We are living in an unprecedented time, one in which we are witness to the conscience of our country, and the promise of the American Dream, being called into question,” Schultz wrote.

He continued: “These uncertain times call for different measures and communication tools than we have used in the past. Kevin and I are going to accelerate our commitment to communicating with you more frequently, including leveraging new technology platforms moving forward. I am hearing the alarm you all are sounding that the civility and human rights we have all taken for granted for so long are under attack, and want to use a faster, more immediate form of communication to engage with you on matters that concern us all as partners.”

A number of CEOs, including Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, have knocked Trump’s decision to sign the orders.

Schultz’s letter went on to detail some of the actions the company is taking, including plans to hire 10,000 refugees.

“We have a long history of hiring young people looking for opportunities and a pathway to a new life around the world. This is why we are doubling down on this commitment by working with our equity market employees as well as joint venture and licensed market partners in a concerted effort to welcome and seek opportunities for those fleeing war, violence, persecution and discrimination,” Schultz wrote.

He continued: “There are more than 65 million citizens of the world recognized as refugees by the United Nations, and we are developing plans to hire 10,000 of them over five years in the 75 countries around the world where Starbucks does business. And we will start this effort here in the U.S. by making the initial focus of our hiring efforts on those individuals who have served with U.S. troops as interpreters and support personnel in the various countries where our military has asked for such support.”

In addition, Schultz also wrote about Starbucks’ operations in Mexico. Social media users in Mexico had called for boycotts of US companies, including Starbucks.

“We have been open for business in Mexico since 2002, and have since opened 600 stores in 60 cities across the country, which together employ over 7,000 Mexican partners who proudly wear the green apron. We have sourced coffee from Mexico’s producers and their families for three decades and last fall, we also announced the creation of a farmer support center in Chiapas to help accelerate our collective ability to grow and export some of the world’s finest coffees from this important growing region, while donating more than $2 million to support the livelihood, food security and water quality of coffee producing communities in Oaxaca,” Schultz wrote.

He added: “With the support of thousands of Starbucks partners and millions of customers, we have also donated half a million coffee trees to support 70,000 families, and we will be expanding the initiative this year to generate another 4 million tree donations. Coffee is what unites our common heritage, and as I told Alberto Torrado, the leader of our partnership with Alsea in Mexico, we stand ready to help and support our Mexican customers, partners and their families as they navigate what impact proposed trade sanctions, immigration restrictions and taxes might have on their business and their trust of Americans. But we will continue to invest in this critically important market all the same.”

Last week, Trump put out additional orders aimed to crack down on illegal immigration, including a measure expanding the authority of local law enforcement officers to enforce immigration laws, among other policies. Trump also announced that it was his administration’s policy to immediately begin construction of a wall along the US-Mexican border.

So Starbucks won’t hire Americans, eh? Their liberal pussy customers who are willing to pay $5.00 for a 10 cent cup of coffee probably strongly approve.

Isn’t it illegal to discriminate AGAINST American citizens? Let’s get Andrew Anglin’s troll army to apply for jobs at Starbucks and when NOT hired, file complaints with the EEOC. The guys might even file lawsuits, claiming discrimination against their Nazi political beliefs.

By the way, those liberal f*ckwits are going to find pee, poo, and other body fluids I can’t name in their coffee. You see, those liberals are white and the “refugee” employees won’t give a shit about their political beliefs.

11 thoughts on “Starbucks CEO: We’re Going to Hire 10,000 Refugees

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  2. Hmm. I haven’t visited a Starbucks in over a decade due to its expensive coffees. I’m tempted yet afraid of refugees creating my stuff now that I’ve yet to spend this five dollar Xmass gift card. Anyway, that CEO should hire Americans only, in my opinion only.

  3. Should have to pay a fee to employ immigrants as far as i’m concerned, I have also heard it said that Starbucks hiring a bunch of rapefugees might mess up the “image” of starbucks anyhow, plus don’t they pay shit anyway?

  4. I’ve gone into starbucks a few times to use the bathroom. I tried their alleged coffee a couple of times; tasted like dirty crankcase oil from a 1958 Edsel.

    Every time I set foot in their communist cells….uuhhh I mean shops I felt like the only sane person that got stuck in a BLM/DNC rally.

    10,0000 more muds working at starbucks; if you are a white hipster sjw make sure to check your coffee for spit, pee or poop in it . many groids in food service do it here all the time; one small way them exercising black power.

  5. Starbucks is not a business, it is a cult. The Gloria Jeans coffee chain (in Australia) was also owned by a religious cult who dodged taxes, I think it was sold in Australia recently.

    “I am hearing the alarm you all are sounding”
    The hubris and chutzpah of this Jew. He thinks that 100% of his employees think and vote just as he does.
    Why would any employee anywhere want their own company to replace them? This policy will replace resigning whites with Coons and bombthrowers.
    This is across 75 countries and several years so maybe not as spectacular as it sounds. At least sand niggers know a bit about coffee. Drinking coffee and smoking weed is about all they do when in Arab lands.

    Anyway the name Starbucks is stolen from a Burt Lancaster character in “The Rain Maker” 1956. Burt is a liar, a cheat, a fraud, a con artist, a cad, lounge lizard and mad shagger. He takes money from naive rural farmers who think he can make rain for them. Then he shags their young females as well, for free. He gives Katherine Hepburn a much needed severe rogering and she goes all giggly and girly afterwards, quite an achievement for Burt with this hard nosed, angry and unpleasant female.

    Burts name is “Bill Starbuck”.

    • Burt (Bill) explains how and why he made up his fake name. Mervin Melnick was never going to cut it with the farmers.
      “Star” for dreams and ambitions, and “buck” for youthful male energy.

      So feminists should hate the name Starbucks.

  6. I hardly ever went there because I don’t spend money on coffee. I brew mine at home. Once in a while, the wife would bring home starbucks from the grocery store if it was on sale. Never will I spend a penny on their shit ever again. That filthy rat jew needs to be rounded up and deported and stripped of all his worldly goods.

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