Cutest Baby or Social Engineering? New Gerber Baby is Offspring of Black Father and White Mother


To answer the question in the title, it’s social engineering. We can’t seem to escape it. Interestingly, Baby Riley is wearing a hoodie just like Trayvon Martin wore. Predictive programming?

Gerber, the dumb libturds that they are, screwed themselves with this choice. Read the story and I’ll explain how.

Daily Mail

A seven-month-old boy from Ohio is the new face of Gerber baby products.

Though he probably won’t be saying much anytime soon, the spokesbaby named Riley has an ‘infectious laugh and big, gummy smile’, according to his mom, Kristen Shines.

Gerber announced Thursday that Riley, who lives with his family in Lewis Center, beat out more than 110,000 other entries. He now has the chance to star in a future ad.

Riley’s parents will receive $50,000 plus $1,500 in Gerber clothing. Shines says the money will help start a college fund for her son.

The annual Gerber baby photo search began seven years ago. It pays homage to Ann Turner Cook, whose face has been featured on Gerber’s packaging since 1928. She celebrated her 90th birthday in November.

Riley’s parents told Us Weekly the infant hasn’t let the fame go to his head. His dad Devin said: ‘He’s a laid-back guy.’

‘He only gets fussy when he needs to nap or if he has a wet diaper. Even when he’s hungry he’ll just kind of hint at you like, “Hey, I could use some more food.”‘

Mom Kristen said: ‘If all babies were this easy, the world would be way more populated!’

Gerber is based in Florham Park, New Jersey, and is a unit of Nestle SA, based in Vevey, Switzerland.


Oh yeah, the cutest baby in America is gonna pop out of THAT womb. Geez, mom is sure ugly.

Now, how did Gerber screw up? The word “shine” is a disparaging term for a person of African descent. It comes from the traditional black occupation of shoe shine boy.

What’s the baby’s name? Riley Shines.

Riley Shines = Riley Nigger.


Is Gerber trolling us?


8 thoughts on “Cutest Baby or Social Engineering? New Gerber Baby is Offspring of Black Father and White Mother

  1. “Shines says the money will help start a college fund for her son”. That’s a laugh. Better save that for bail money when the little mulatto holds up a liquor store in 13 years. Pathetic.

      • Daddy needs new spinner rims for the hooptie 🙂 definitely jew inspired social engineering; it’s gone way beyond obvious and even “some ” of the sleeping libturds are admitting it’s gone too far

  2. Can you say affirmative action, just like the miss Helsinki who was an ugly black women compared to the beautiful blondes who she “beat” in the “competition”

  3. “the spokesbaby named Riley has an ‘infectious….”.
    This I can believe. Has he been tested for AIDS?
    Gerber product sales will fall. Many people hate niggers, such as the Chinese. Will they dare to sell these products in China with a nigger on the bottle? (No, they will have a Chink baby on the bottles in China).
    How many negro mothers buy these products, when they can feed the baby something cheaper?
    I never buy any product with a Coon on it, and never will. One day I may thus not be able to buy any commercially packaged food product.
    Will I be compelled to bow to every black man walking towards me, with my eyes averted? This comes next.
    “The do nothing lazy fast breeding black bludgers will inherit the earth”.

    • Having the nog on the jars of baby food should make it a more popular item for shoplifting. Besides, white babies are the minority now. If Gerber were smart they would have put a Mexican on the jar of baby food. Mexicans breed like rabbits.

      • In Australia you can still buy “Coon” cheese and I often do just for the fun of it.
        Kraft owns the brand and they have fought court cases to keep the name on sale. They say the cheese was invented by Dr Coon about 1922 or so. Nobody will be surprised to learn that that good doctor was a white man.
        One day Hollywood will make a movie where Coon cheese was invented by an Abo.
        In 40,000 years, abos have invented nothing at all. Exocet a false narrative of their holy defensive “war” against the “invading” British.
        Truth is the abos did nothing to stop the Colonization of Australia and hardly threw a spear in anger, now it is bleat, whine, bleat whine, give us money for compensation.
        Every day is now invasion day – of Africans, yellows and Muzzies. So future white minority slaves will be like the current abos – bleat, bleat, whine.

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