Video: Exploding Bait Purse Leaves Negro Covered in Stinky Fake Feces

White thieves get a face full of poop-like substance too.

With almost 2.5 million views, this type of prank offers a mini-morality play. Someone, usually black, is tempted to steal. That person then quickly gets his or her comeuppance.

In a world in which justice is often delayed or denied, there is an emotional satisfaction to seeing human weakness punished immediately and in no uncertain terms.

Link to Liquid Ass Fart Spray website.

2 thoughts on “Video: Exploding Bait Purse Leaves Negro Covered in Stinky Fake Feces

  1. Brilliant idea. Men can carry a fake wallet which is visible while leaving the real wallet hidden. Women can do the same with purse/handbag. Exploding shit in the one they leave in their shopping trolley. I guess if it goes off they leave the whole trolley and go. So never have any ID at all in an exploding wallet or purse. Funny I had the same idea years ago. Should of cashed in.
    The 3 Stooges did this with dynamite in a bait wallet about 1935 or so. When the thief pockets the wallet Moe says “I’ll fix that crook” and connects the detonato9r wires. The crooks pants are blown clean off him.

    A fake iPghone full of exploding shit would be great. Always leave it lying around and hope some arse hole steals it. Not at your place of work though – you will get fired.

    I was a bank teller a long time ago (40 years plus) and we had exploding wads of $5 bills kept in a special holder which prevented it exploding. The wad exploded after 5 minutes or so putting purple dye all over the entire swag – making the stolen money useless. The crim often got purple dye on him also which helped Plod.

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