Police in Borlange Sweden Say the (African) Criminals Have Won

When diversity and multiculturalism came to Sweden, so did crime.

A policeman says the criminals have won and the Swedish government has been lying about it.


A Swedish policeman admits defeat to criminal gangs. At the same time media and the politicians are accused of having mislead the Swedish people, including not telling people how dangerous the new criminals really are.

Tjärna in Borlänge is one of nearly 60 so-called exclusion areas in Sweden. Car fires, stone throwing and much crime are recurrent in the area. The explanation from the Swedish media and politicians has been that the area is socio-economically vulnerable. The Swedish news outlet Fria Tider has spoken with a Borlänge police officer who claims that the media and the politicians are lying and simplifying.

– I perceive that it was not until the late 1980s that things changed, and in the mid 90s serious organized crime began, heavy criminal and serious violence. It has probably several explanations; the psychiatric reform in 1995 and that Sweden opened up for Europe. Stockholm and other cities changed quickly and I did not feel at all confident with this.

He believes that already then the growing problems of the suburbs started to become visible. The suburbs have always had problems with alcoholism, drugs, glue sniffers and gangs, he says, but it was something that the community could handle.

– Those who made trouble then, they grew up, got families, jobs and houses. It went well for most of them. But obviously very bad for some others, he says.

– At that time people struggled to get anywhere. I feel this is the big difference with many of the people who today live in the suburbs or in the exclusion areas. Those who live there today, they don’t want to struggle, they do not want to fight. They just want to have, and if not, riot-like situations frequently occur.

He says politicians and the media have lied straight to the face of the Swedish people of what is happening in Tjärna and in other so-called areas of social exclusion.

– If people got to know which groups that are present here or in Bergsjön, in Gothenburg or Husby, they would be frightened. These are no ordinary petty criminals thugs we’re talking about. They are people who actually fight to dismantle Sweden and introduce something completely different.

Prior to him starting working in Borlänge, he worked in Stockholm, so he has a good overview. The politicians and the media’s explanation and analysis of the situation are simplified absurdity and dishonesty, he says.

– The media has avoided to talk about the problems and the politicians have either ignored them or thought that previous solutions would work. None of them have dared to see the growing problems as they really are.

One of the areas where the pressure is highest today, is Tjärna outside Borlänge, he says. Almost no Swedes live there and those who dominate are people from Africa, especially Somalia. A majority are Muslims, many are very devoted Muslims, he says.

It is a bleak picture he gives of the area. Police and authorities at first did not understand the problems of the groups that now live in Tjärna.

– It is not so simple that it is only to build a recreation center or launch a football tournament for these groups. Maybe it worked earlier, but then we had to do with individuals who actually wanted to live in a functioning Sweden. These people usually have no interest in this. It’s completely different things at play here. There are cultural differences and we must recognize this, he says.

– As long as we do not talk about these groups’ values and concept of society, we will never be able to come to terms with what is happening in Tjärna and many other areas of social exclusion, is his opinion.

They tried to burn a Swedish teen to death after robbing him. The assailants were let go because they are black. This is what national suicide looks like.

5 thoughts on “Police in Borlange Sweden Say the (African) Criminals Have Won

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  2. Non-whites fight the police and have largely fought them to a standstill, whites kowtow to authority and are being burned alive, do the math.

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