New Rendering of Mr. Clean for Super Bowl Commercial Shows Creepy Black Homo Janitor


Mike Jackson, chosen to portray Mr. Clean is neither creepy nor homo in appearance. He is obviously black.

But the artist’s rendering of Mr. Clean is a different story. Check him out:

With that earring and that “cat that ate the canary” grin, Mr. Clean the drawing is not exactly black or white, but he sure looks light in his loafers.

What were they thinking? It’s like there are two different Mr. Clean characters now. The light complexioned Mr. Clean looks ready to clean out MILO’s rear end, whether with that mop or his other equipment. See below. Weird!


The Mr. Clean we’ve come to know over the past 59 years is in need of a break. And for good reason — he’s been keeping our houses clean for a long time. So, for the next year, America’s favorite muscled cleaner will be taking a vacation.

In his place comes Mike Jackson.

Jackson, from Atlanta, Ga., is like the OG Mr. Clean in a lot of ways. He’s bald and has the same muscular physique, bright white teeth, and a gold earring.

He even has a predilection for cleanliness.

“I’m actually kind of a neat freak,” Jackson told Yahoo Beauty over the phone Thursday. “I’m kind of OCD in my home. Over the holidays I had my family over, and my mom would, you know, move things and I would have to move them back. I don’t think too many guys care about that kind of stuff, but, like, I care about how dishes are washed.” It’s a distinct but telling quirk.

But a notable difference between Mr. Clean the cartoon — who which was first created 59 years ago and has not changed much since — and Mr. Clean, his yearlong stand-in, is that Jackson is black.

The switch is the latest in a string of moves companies are making to diversify their faces, and beauty brands like those under the P&G umbrella, such as CoverGirl, are helping to lead that charge.

It seems that such concerns didn’t really play into Jackson’s decision to enter the competition to become the face of the brand; it was just synergy.

The original is still the best:

21 thoughts on “New Rendering of Mr. Clean for Super Bowl Commercial Shows Creepy Black Homo Janitor

  1. Mr. Clean will demonstrate how to get burnt chittlins off the stove, remove MD2020 stains from your carpet and greasy KFC smears from your curtains when you didn’t have napkins. He will also case your house and disable the burglar alarm.

  2. Mr. Clean has always been White. Instead of just boycotting the product, we need to write to the CEO of P&G:


    Your new commercial showing Mr. Clean as a black, has so offended me that I will no longer buy your products. I am White and grew up with this icon as White. Your bald attempt at diversity is a sham used to discredit, dishonor and eventually, eliminate the White Race. Blacks can never be the equal of Whites as their genetically low IQ prevents it. Look it up. Race mixing = White Genocide.


    Will apprise you of any response.

    • They wrote back, showing their jew progamming:

      Thank you for contacting us at Mr. Clean. I am sorry that you are upset with the choice in The New Mr. Clean. We take all comments and feedback seriously so rest assure I am passing your e-mail on to my Marketing Team.

      In the meantime, the search for #TheNextMrClean was open to people of all genders, nationalities and physiques to audition. Mr. Clean just wanted the very best person for the job! We were thrilled by the variety and diversity in auditions. The search was a celebration of Mr. Clean, the icon and the legend, and Mike Jackson had the best audition!

      Over the past several decades, Mr.Clean has held similar contests and events, but they were more focused on finding a Mr.Clean look-alike. For #TheNextMrClean, we were looking for someone who had a creative and original audition video, had likeness in look and tone to the Mr.Clean persona – regardless of gender/race, included the Mr.Clean Jingle in their entry and had an enthusiastic submission.

      Thank you again for contacting Mr. Clean and please let us know if we can be of further assistance!

      Mrs. Dalynn

      Mr Clean Team

  3. I like the name Super Bowl for nigga ball. Has anyone combined a graphic of a huge toilet with the name Super Bowl? There is a lot of shit in the Superbowl and it needs a flush and a good clean.

    • Haha. Giving the little fellow the benefit of the doubt, he didn’t mean to be stupid.

      I have a GIF of a dog being a jerk coming up later tonight in Have A Laugh. It’s pretty incredible what his guy did.

      • Did you see the rest of them? I love the one of the dog digging in a public flower box.

        Did you know that cats are smart but dogs just fart? (snort!)

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