Polar bear invites itself to afternoon tea after smelling scientists’ waffles

Great picture! Mr. Polar Bear probably enjoyed that fish fillet more than he would a waffle or two. On the other hand, has anyone ever tried feeding a polar bear a waffle to see if they like waffles?


Scientists on a ship in the arctic had a surprise guest recently when a polar bear smelt them cooking waffles.

The Norwegian researchers were about to sit down for their afternoon coffee when the bear poked its head through the kitchen port hole.

But instead of ushering the giant predator away, the team decided to offer it a fillet of fish so that it didn’t leave empty-handed.

They also managed to take this great picture in the process, which was later shared on Reddit by user Johnny_love.

The scientists were on board the Lance, an research and expedition vessel used by the Norwegian Polar Institute.

It can also be hired for parties and cruises in the summer.

It would be such fun to meet charming baby polar bears, like these three. Anyone for a summer cruise to the arctic?

5 thoughts on “Polar bear invites itself to afternoon tea after smelling scientists’ waffles

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  2. Yes. All bears eat waffles and especially like pancakes—it’s the sugar in the breading mixture. I live in rural Canada. We have a cabin on a remote lake, and I have personally thrown leftover pancakes to the shore when grizzlies come around. They instantly hork them down. Then they spend 10 minutes sniffing the air to see if any more are coming their way…

  3. That Polar Bear can swim ?? Didn’t drown, like Al Bore bear which did drown ,Should have worn a life saving jacket ?? Stupid Bear ??

  4. It’s been the consensus of authentic science that polar bears actively track and hunt down humans with intentional (rather than incidental) intent, as does the Nile crocodile, so the whole “humans have no natural enemies” narrative is bullshit. Polar bears are also always hungry, so they naturally desire to eat humans and attack them on sight, and they are always to be regarded as dangerous. Every case where they don’t attack humans is an exception to the rule.

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