Photoshoot Captures the Incredible Beauty of Ethiopian Women

The old saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder is a truism.

According to the headline in the Mirror, the women below are beautiful.


I wonder if American black males find these females of their own race beautiful or if the American black man has been acculturated to a different standard of beauty.

In all honesty, I don’t find these tribeswomen attractive at all. I guess that makes me a racist.

Oh well.

See four more photos at the Mirror.

21 thoughts on “Photoshoot Captures the Incredible Beauty of Ethiopian Women

  1. This post reminds me of what I just commented about on my face book, talking about the contestants for this years “Miss Universe”
    I honestly saw a better looking girl than any of them in the supermarket today, it’s been said before, the contestants are less and less blonde every year, it’s the anti white politically correct agenda. Here is a link to the contestants if you allow links to be posted.

  2. And by the way of course the girl in the supermarket that i’m referring to was blonde, white/European, skinny/medium sized.

    • Like you I see plenty of girls more attractive than the beauty contest girls. where I live the town was started by Germans. There’s plenty of young Aryan types around. It’s sad to see some of them pair off with dark Mexican males.

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  4. I was just enjoying my AM cup of coffee and ready to sit down to eat a nice Saturday breakfast when your re-post ruined my appetite for awhile. Also, I need to go wash out my eyes and take a shower to clean the felt filth off too. Thanks Paladin.

  5. Gross, but the last one in the paper has a cowrie shell headband and part of a stainless steel watch band hanging from it. Old nigger traditions caught up in the 20th century. Wonder if they ate the guy that had the watch.

    • Wild animals also. Male bowerbirds in Australia collect blue items to impress females, the items are placed in a handsome bird built bower. Blue is a not a very common colour in nature, hence the challenge. Man has made it easy however. I have seen such a wild bower and it was full of mostly human made plastic items – all blue. Such as clothes pegs and various trinkets.

      • Thanks for the photo, a good image. Not related to crows I think. A beautiful bird and the male is dark blue. The females are a mousy brown as are most females in nature. The males get the beautiful colors, and/or the singing voice and/or the dancing moves. The Australian lyrebird has all three skills which is perhaps unique in bird life. It builds a large mound, sings and dances and prances/dances on this mound with its Peacock type tail shaking. The mousy brown females look on and decide if the male is good enough to mate with. These birds can even imitate human made sounds like chainsaws, and other birds like Kookaburras. I have seen all this in the bush of Australia. I had lyrebirds and bower birds on my own acreage block of land.
        The built bower is less than a foot high, the lyrebird mound is about one meter in diameter.

      • I remember the old childhood ditty about the kookaburra in a gum tree. You live in a fascinating and strange country. My favorite story out of Australia is Picnic At Hanging Rock. I have one of the original paperbacks.

        Are you a naturalist by profession?

      • We had Lyrebirds on a property we once owned outside of Melbourne. Their songs are nothing short of pure art.

  6. The (((Mirror))) says these old hags are beautiful. Will the (((Sun))) and other rags with “page three” girls start showing women like this topless on page three to sell newspapers to working class men? Actually I think the page 3 girl thing ended in the UK due to the joys of immigration. Unofficial topless bathing ended 20 to 30 years ago in Sydney for the same reason.

    I saw the posters outside my local movie theater yesterday. About 40% of these first run 2017 movies are promoting Coons and miscegenation of whites and blacks. The most blatant has a horrible Nigger and a beautiful blond laughing, holding hands, and obviously in “love” with each other. How can any white actress do this without feeling shame and revulsion? Why would any white person pay money to be brainwashed by Jews? Especially a young white male – who should never ever watch such a film.

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