Former Mexican President having Meltdown over that F***ing Wall

In south Texas, we knew Vincente Fox well. He was popular with the local Mexican-Americans who make up the great majority of the population here. He always was complaining about the gringo in one way or another.

He can blow his latest rant out of his *** as far as I’m concerned.

Excerpt from

Donald Trump has signed an executive order to build a border wall, insisting that Mexico will ‘100%’ pay.

It was one of his key pledges during the campaign and he says construction will start in a few months.

But if he genuinely thinks Mexico will ‘reimburse’ US taxpayers, the country’s former president is here to set him straight.

Vicente Fox Quesada led the country from 2000 to 2006, and he had strong words for Donald Trump (including a very strong hashtag).

Addressing his press secretary, he said: ‘Sean Spicer, I’ve said this to Trump and now I’ll tell you: Mexico is not going to pay for that fucking wall. #FuckingWall.’

It’s not the first time Fox Quesada has been in the headlines for criticising the wall, saying there’s no way his country will ‘reimburse’ the $8 billion Trump claims it will cost (critics say it will be far more expensive than that, potentially as high as $25 billi

Trump’s latest response to the Mexicans is a manly one:

7 thoughts on “Former Mexican President having Meltdown over that F***ing Wall

  1. Fox is senile and Nietro is bought off by the Mexican drug cartel. Wouldn’t be surprised if the cartel is threatening Nietro’s life if he cooperates. Lots of money lost if they can’t get drugs into the U.S.

    • The drugs will flow as always. Yesterday the Crime Commission reported that NSW Australia has lost the war on drugs. There are 607 Mr Bigs in Sydney alone, mostly ethnic of course, and some of these live overseas permanently outisde any jurisdiction where they could be extradited. The NSW Police say that they are winning the war. Bull. The war on drugs is over and the drug sellers won. Money talks and bullshit walks.
      The buyers are the guilty ones. Without demand there would be no supply.

      • I forgot to add that of the 607 Drug Czars in Sydney,150 or so are unstable pyschos. They kill each other, which is great.

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  3. “potentially as high as $25 billion”

    This is chicken feed. The Jewderal Reserve gave this much cash to the (((banks))) they liked every two weeks or so, for multiple years from 2008. This was called “Quantitative Easing” not “Handouts By And For Jew Banks”.

    US military spends $25 billion in 2 weeks. I wonder how $2 trillion was lost by the military when it was more than 4 years spending in total at the time 910? Yes one day beofre 911, Cheney announced that $2 trillion could not be accounted for. Maybe the cash slipped down behind a couch?

  4. Get the money from anything coming over the border..taxes,tariffs..fuck the Mexican President piece of shit, I prefer armed militia at the border..

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