Faithful dog stands watch over late owner’s grave every day

I have seen and heard the sounds of grief coming from dogs before. Canine grief is real. In fact, most animals of the higher order feel grief upon the loss of a loved companion. I posted a story here about the grief that a horse felt for the loss of his owner, for example.

Thank goodness that Cesur the dog has been adopted by the late owner’s son, who takes the dog to visit the man’s grave every day.

A faithful dog which stood watch over his late owner’s coffin now visits his grave every day.

Cesur was the guest of honour at the funeral of his devoted owner Mehmet Illhan, who passed away at the age of 79, in north-west Turkey.

Pictures showed the dog stood stock still next to his coffin, before he followed it into the cemetery to watch it being lowered into the ground.

Cesur has now been adopted by Mehmet’s son Ali who takes him for a walk to the cemetery every day, where he spends hours watching his owner’s grave.

‘My father was paralysed for many years and adopted Cesur as a puppy two years ago to keep him company,’ Ali said.

‘He loved the dog and took very good care of him and I think Cesur is just sad because he is missing him.

‘He wouldn’t move away from the coffin, not even an inch, at the funeral and then he followed us to the cemetery and waited until he had been buried.

‘Nowadays he visits the grave every day because he can’t seem to get used to the absence of my father.’

If you meet a dog who seems sad, he may be grieving. Comfort him with a kind word and a pat on the head.

3 thoughts on “Faithful dog stands watch over late owner’s grave every day

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  2. I have had to put down 2 dogs in my life. I cannot recall more grief by my family members on those two occasions. When my father died, his mastiff, Baillie, spent an entire week without eating. She literally cried herself to sleep every night…

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