Trump Halts Syrian Refugee Program Until Further Notice

Make America Safe Again!

Sputnik News

“The entry of nationals of Syria as refugees is detrimental” to America’s interests, President Donald Trump’s executive order reads.

All entry of individuals from Syria is suspended “until such time” that Trump determines “sufficient changes have been made” to the US Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP), according to the document. Trump has repeatedly claimed that his number one job is to protect American lives and made “Make America Safe Again” a signature component of his victorious campaign.

“I hereby proclaim that the entry of more than 50,000 refugees in fiscal year 2017 would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, and thus suspect any such entry until such time as I determine that additional admissions would be in the national interest,” according to Trump’s executive order.

The postponement will exist for at least the next 120 days, when no refugees from Syria will be allowed into America, Sputnik has learned. Following the four month period, refugee claims will be prioritized according to the extent refugees experienced religion-based persecution as minority groups, the order notes.

The order indicates that state and local governments should be given a voice in deciding where refugees can settle as allowed by the current legal framework. It does not mention ‘safe zones’ in Syria.

The visa interview waiver program for refugees has been immediately and indefinitely suspended.

Trump’s cabinet officials have noted that the aim of the executive order will include further procedural elements to eliminate any “threat to the security and welfare of the United States.”

Supporters see the move as Trump making good on his campaign promise to suspend the issuance of visas from countries known to be home to heavy terrorist activity.

Nihad Awad, the national executive director at the Council on American-Islamic Relations condemned tightening immigration from areas with heavy terrorist activity.

“These [executive orders] will not make our nation safer,” Awad tweeted, “rather they will make it more fearful and less welcoming.”

The order will implement a “multi-month ban on admissions from all countries” until a better vetting process can be put in place. Further, Trump will prioritize introducing a biometric system to that keeps a record of all entries and exists to and from the US.

Reuters reports that President Trump is giving priority to Syrian Christians, who oddly enough don’t commit terrorist attacks.

“I’m establishing new vetting measures to keep radical Islamic terrorists out of the United States of America. Don’t want them here,” Trump said earlier on Friday at the Pentagon.

“We only want to admit those into our country who will support our country and love deeply our people,” he said.

Civil rights groups condemned the measures as discriminatory, and said they would strand refugees in dangerous places and would tarnish the reputation of the United States as a land welcoming of immigrants.

Trump is smeared in the Reuters and other pieces I’ve seen. You see, he’s caused some inconvenience to muh Muslims stranded in airports, blah, blah, blah.

Trump had promised the measures – called “extreme vetting” – during last year’s election campaign, saying they would prevent militants from entering the United States from abroad.

The rise of Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, which fueled a flood of migrants into Europe, combined with a series of attacks in France and Belgium heightened concerns in the United States about taking in refugees from Syria.

Trump’s order suspends the Syrian refugee program until further notice, and will eventually give priority to minority religious groups fleeing persecution. Trump said in an interview with a Christian news outlet the exception would help Syrian Christians fleeing the civil war there.

Stephen Legomsky, a former chief counsel at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in the Obama administration, said prioritizing Christians could be unconstitutional.

Everything Trump does is unconstitutional, while everything Obama did was perfectly legal. Right. Got it.


9 thoughts on “Trump Halts Syrian Refugee Program Until Further Notice

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  2. Not good enough!!! Trump’s backing down on his promise! “No Muslim refugees and those here were all going back.” Now, he’s allowing 50,000 refugees, 50,000 is a huge amount! Almost 30,000 came here in 2017, that’s only one month! Why are Trump supporters happy about this?

  3. There are lots of logistic problems that have to be dealt with before this order can be effective. We’ll have to wait and see. Get reader for more pointless demonstrations by jew brainwashed White assholes.

    Never forget who the REAL enemy is.

  4. Good news

    More importantly, maybe Trump could announce an investigation in to why the US invaded and destroyed Iraq and Libya? Perhaps criminal charges could be laid against the Neocons and politicians who led this War For Terror.

    Trump also could announce he will not start any future war by invading foreign countries in wars of aggression. This would then remove the power of the Jews to force him to invade or attack Iran or even Russia. He also could confirm the treaty with Iran signed by Obama and Kerry.

    These refugees mostly exist because of Jew started wars – where the Jews themselves are not combatants – just eggers on.

    I think the original alleged attacks by Bashar Assad on his own countrymen is a lie and a fraud. Just like the nonexistent WMDs in Iraq. I.e. Nobody leading a country intentionally starts a civil war.

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