Hugely Satisfying Video: An Out of Control Gentleman of Color Gets His Comeuppance at Dollar Tree

Although it’s over 9 minutes long, I guarantee you that if you’re white you’ll enjoy watching what happens in this Colin Flaherty video.

Listen to the reactions of Negro shoppers as a crazy ghetto Nigger gets taken down. Amazing how stupid these jigaboos are.

Sample comments from youtube:

colin…what i find interesting is the comments “black people” were making after the guys was taken down….saying thats wrong. guy saying he going to kill people multiple people an black customers were saying thats wrong…this is a issue that will “never ever” be fixed …just glad there’s people like you colin that bring these kinda things to light..wish we could “ALL, just get along. sad that people have so much hate towards a race that had nothing to do with slavery in these days. keep up great work colin

Selena Beaulieu, I agree about the “few good blacks” thing. But, for them to only make up a small portion of the population, and even THE ELDERS in their ranks act like fools, how many does that leave which are truly good? If you had only 3 goats, in a field of horses, and 2 of the goats were bad, would you want to be the one tasked with picking the 1 good goat? Especially if all 3 of the goats acted like the horses while at work, and then 2 of the 3 like bad goats at home? I mean its bad when even their politicians, and Grandmothers, are racist, half ghetto, perverted, liars. Its also bad when they act professional oustside to fool you, and then come home, be ghetto, and laugh at how they pulled one over on “the crackers”.

Did those ignorant bitches actually get more upset when the men took control of a dude threatening to kill other customers in the store?!? This thinking is why the black community is broken

nigger head

3 thoughts on “Hugely Satisfying Video: An Out of Control Gentleman of Color Gets His Comeuppance at Dollar Tree

  1. If a nigger tells me
    I am going to blow your mother fucking brains out

    Then starts to reach into his pocket

    That’s when I would crush him

    That is a credible threat and an unknown possibly lethal action

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