Captain Kirk Meets Ashley Judd (Video)

Ashley Judd was a horribly “nasty woman” at the Women’s March last Saturday. It’s rare to hear anything as appalling as Judd’s rant that dragged on and on with one obscene reference after another.

The video above mixes Star Trek characters’ reactions to Judd’s ugly performance. It’s nicely amusing satire. The climax is worth the four minutes it will take to watch. Highly up voted at youtube.

One of the comments at youtube comes from Ashley Judd’s ex-chauffeur. His claim is that she was always mean, vindictive, and “nasty” to people.

Howard Luken22 hours ago

What was that annoying computerized beeping the entire time? Oh wait, it was just ashley judd. I drove limos in LA for 14 years half of which I owned my own service and survived the bank induced crash. I chauffeured more celebs than I care to remember and one was ashley judd. I went to the bel air hotel which had a very exclusive and expensive spa to pick up dear ashley. I waited forever, probably an hour and a half which was standard with these pampered nobodys and when she finally came out with her entourage she immediately laid into me for calling her repeatedly to see if she was ready. Of course she never answered the phone personally and I only called once to announce my arrival. The booking agent had probably called maybe once or twice to see if everything was ok. she pissed and moaned when I got them into the suv and she sat in the third row seats with 5 other women in the rest of the seats. I didn’t apologize and I could tell she was surprised by my standing my ground and she almost warmed to me. Almost. She spent the ride pissing and moaning about how bad the spa treatment was which was probably paid for by some publicist. As usual I just ignored the chatter and got them safely to their destination if I remember correctly was another very expensive beverly hills hotel no doubt paid for by some production company. I opened the doors for the ladies and especially for this delightful young woman who was in the second row seating. She was polite and a pleasure to help. As I exchanged pleasantries with the young lady ashley shouted at me from the third row seats because I had left her there and hadn’t folded the second row seat forward for her to get out. She looked like a true harpy as her eyes threw knives at me and she continued her bitching until I smiled and said something like there you are, everything is fine. She stopped and sort of gaped at me because I did not bow and scrape to her admonitions. I almost said that I usually leave people’s old bags in the back when they get out but I bit my tongue. I think she was thrown by my not being just another step n fetchit chauffeur. No tip of course. I bet I could have tapped that but there were too many cockblockers. So anyway ashley judd really is a nasty woman in real life.

7 thoughts on “Captain Kirk Meets Ashley Judd (Video)

  1. I have been tricked in to watching and listening to this horrible woman/thing ranting “vile spew”. How can I ever be clean again? Nasty is too weak a word. I was waiting for the funny bit. It never came, unless 4 minutes was meant to be hilarious? Why not blow her up after 15 seconds maximum, 10 would be better? I was conned by click bait. Shame!

    This woman is the only youngish alien female in the entire Universe that Captain Kirk would not shove his dick in to. He did not try to shag the silicon life form which looked like a pink rock, but the Jew/Vulcan mind melded with the thing.

    • LOL. I guess I should have put the “Snap cat” picture here too with the “What has been seen cannot be unseen warning.”

      Unfortunately, Judd’s rant is probably repeated every day on almost every campus in America. Not her specific rant, but something similar coming from a feminist professor with an audience of mostly females.

      • Here in Marxist Jew England I hear these rant a thousand times a day. For such an “intellectual” crowd, their language rivals the kneegross and spicano jungle and ghetto rats. The jew niggerfuxation of Western white young has been a smashing success.

        I did endure listening to Judd’s verbal diarrhea “Lord God Jesus, protector of all tat is good, please deliver and protect us from all this concentrated evil.”

        Something told me Kirk was going to give the order at some point to fire phasers……if only it was that simple

      • The facial expressions on the actors were very vivid back when that show was made. When they were put against Judd’s frothing at the mouth, it was amusing. How to deal with her is a really difficult question. You have to wonder about the nature of such hate, which is totally irrational.

      • I was a fan of (((TOS))) Star Trek. The (((Roddenberry))) optimism about aliens is shattered by just one single earthling, Ashley Judd, How can “man” ever get to travel to the stars with such divisions or such crew members? Imagine that woman on deck, or anywhere on a Starship. She is more like the monster from “Alien” than any alien encountered in the entire Star Trek Original Series.

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