Trump’s Full Speech, GOP Retreat 1/26/2017

I wasn’t going to post this, but Trump’s speech was so mesmerizing that I changed my mind. The video starts with a nice prayer, followed by Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell before Trump starts speaking at the 3 or 4 minute mark.

This video is highly up voted.

Today was Trump’s first ride on Air Force One, which he used to travel to the GOP retreat in Philly. Exciting!

7 thoughts on “Trump’s Full Speech, GOP Retreat 1/26/2017

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  2. Great speech! It has been many years since I’ve heard such clear vision expressed, and I am one who remains skeptical about his reality because of some who surround him (and remembering so many previous sell-outs in our more recent political history), but it is great to hear his words. It’s also great to hear some of those words (many actually) being translated into immediate domestic realities. This will also take the wind out of many leftists who have previously been handed favoritism and who gain their succor on the public tit. Many of them know that and that is one reason that the leftists and jewsmedia will continue fighting against Trump so hard.

  3. A fascinating week watching him effortlessly take on the role, assigning tasks as responsibly as a CEO. Lol. Who said an outside corporate president couldn’t run the country? Marxists received the death blow, but still fighting as they gasp for their last breaths. Their well-trained agents and little sheep still need to be silenced, so we have work ahead of us.

  4. Very patriotic photo of the three Air Force members saluting to the President and Air Force 1. Not to put a damper on this, but can’t help but notice the stark interior of Air Force 1 compared to Trump Force 1. Maybe 24K gold infused curtains would help.

  5. Truly inspiring. Every morning I wake up and wonder “what is Mr. Trump going to do today”. Now we can look forward to real Hope and Change.

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