Is Madonna Adopting TWO More African NIGLETS?

On behalf of this site and all it’s readers I sincerely wish Madonna all the luck in the world in her efforts to adopt two more African sprogs.

With her 10 year old adopted black child plus two more Niglets at home with her, in about 20 years, that’s three chances that Madonna will be murdered.

With all of her money and fame, Madonna will surely get the niggiest of the nignogs to share her degenerate life with.

Madonna has denied claims she has applied to adopt two more children from Malawi just over a decade after adopting David Banda.

The Like A Virgin singer has insisted she is not adopting more children following claimsshe made the application in person during a visit to the country’s capital city of Lilongwe, according to AFP.

Madonna told The People : “I am in Malawi to check on the children’s hospital in Blantyre and my other work with Raising Malawi and then heading home.

“The rumors of an adoption process are untrue.”

Mlenga Mvula, a spokesman for the Lilongwe High Court, claimed the 58-year-old had applied in person.

He said: “The court is looking at the application now to determine whether Madonna can adopt these two children.”

Madonna is garbage. She’s a POS. Whatever bad fate befalls her, she deserves. The Secret Service should be catching up to her soon for her encouraging President Trump’s assassination.


cat and baby2

nigger arrest black baby meme drawing

6 thoughts on “Is Madonna Adopting TWO More African NIGLETS?

  1. Can an unmarried wog Ciccone adopt at almost 60 years of age? Actually I have no idea if she is married or not, or whether she ever had a baby or just lots of abortions. Normally only married people can adopt – e.g. two bum banging faggots can adopt a boy, or two lezzos can adopt a girl, for fun times.
    Ciccone should go and live in Malawi, and make the USA better and Africa worse. She has been a bad role model and a bad influence on the West, Unless you are a Cultural Marxist.
    Homos used to love Madonna (Ciccone the wog) so that is a great negative endorsement.

  2. Once they reach an age of about 12, she begins a high protein, natural testosterone inducing diet for these beasts. By the time they are 16, they will be lifting weights and having sex with her like farm studs. There is no other reason for her to be doing this: She is fostering future sexual partners, plain and simple…

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