Austrians Living in Fear of Migrant Gang Attacks

Beautiful Vienna, Austria has a migrant problem. We’ve seen it in Cologne, Germany, Paris, London, and a host of other European cities.

There is no substitute for a homogeneous white population. Assimilation doesn’t work. America is beginning the task of deporting the scum who infest our once fair land.

Europe, are you watching us?

AUSTRIANS are living in fear of being attacked by migrant gangs following a wave of violence in Vienna.

Muggings and beatings are becoming commonplace in the historic capital city, with passersby being attacked on almost a daily basis.

Noted Viennese viola player Michael Buchmann is one of the latest victims of the roaming gangs which are predominantly made-up of immigrants.

The 48-year-old musician’s career with the world-renowned Vienna Symphony Orchestra is now under threat after his middle finger was broken when he was beaten up after telling a group of migrant teens they were not allowed to smoke in the subway station.

Gangs are grouping together determined by their ethnicity, with different groups laying claim to different parts of the city.

The Praterstern area, just outside central Vienna, is now controlled by North Africans and is considered the worst area in the city for crime.

Despite police increasing their presence in the area it has become riddled with crime.

On the other side of the city, the area surrounding the West Railway Station has been taken over by Afghans who have been making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Afghans and Chechens have been engaging in serious clashes, with street fights and dozens of people being injured becoming the norm.

Austrian police have worked hard over the years to make the central subway station of Karlsplatz a safe place after it was taken over by drug problems and Austrian gangsters.

However it is yet again a no-go area, with the gangsters replaced by migrants engaging in gang fights.

Recently, a well-known Austrian journalist was brutally attacked in Karlsplatz by a gang and is still recovering from a broken shoulder.

Another recent attack involved a 26-year-old man from Linz, a city in between Salzburg and Vienna, got into a fight with two migrant boys and challenged them to a one-on-one fist fight.

The two boys quickly organised reinforcements and 13 of them beat up the Austrian man as well as stealing his valuables.

Crimes carried out by migrants in Austria have risen rapidly over the past year as more arrive in the country.

Last year, there were a total 22,000 criminal complaints against migrants, up from 14,000 in 2015, the Austrian Interior Ministry revealed.

Sex attacks carried out by asylum seekers has become a serious problem in Austria, with a 133 per cent increase in migrant sex attacks in the past year since the migrant crisis erupted.

Swimming pools and other public venues have become some of the most prevalent areas for attacks to take place.

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5 thoughts on “Austrians Living in Fear of Migrant Gang Attacks

  1. Whoa! Such diversity! Such tolerance! Look at all these different cultures existing together in harmony! Especially those africans and afghans, how tolerant they are with western culture and it’s people!

  2. Well it’s coming to Massachusetts soon if anyone has read the news about Boston and Somerville Marxist mayors flipping the bird at President Trump vowing to fight him tooth and nail to flood us with more turd world refuse. Many soviet Socialist cities in Jew England are already (insane) asylum cities and it shows.

    Sopon we may be liberated from sanity as Georgie (scrotum face) Soros has filed a lawsuit to impeach President Trump, backed by 50 of his demonic globalism or nothing groups.

  3. “passersby being attacked on almost a daily basis.’
    This would be wrong, it is more likely several Coon attacks every day. Many such crimes are not reported, only if the victim is badly hurt. Snowflakes will blame themselves, or the Austrian Empire days, which was never in Africa so far as I recall. Most women will not report gropings. Most men will not report being pushed or shoved or otherwise harassed and abused.

    “Recently, a well-known Austrian journalist was brutally attacked in Karlsplatz by a gang”. This is good as 99% of journalists are puppets for the NWO. If they all get beaten up they might start to tell the truth out of revenge.

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