Asian Woman Teacher Accused of Paying Middle School Blackmailing Student Hush Money Over Sex


The 14 year old victim of teacher Sandy Doan is a Mexican youth. He lived high on the hog for a while. He was blackmailing the teacher, earning $28,000 for his effort. He’s in jail for robbery now in a separate case. He’s also facing charges for the blackmail.

Get these g*ddamn f*cks out of my country. They are all incapable, gooks and wetbacks alike, of any kind of decency. They spread their foreign values like a flesh-eating virus. It’s killing America.

My San Antonio

A teacher is accused of attempting to pay a former middle school student to keep quiet after having sex with the boy.
Thao “Sandy” Doan, 27, is a math teacher and athletic coach at Raul Quintanilla Sr. Middle School in Dallas ISD. She’s been arrested after police learned that her former student allegedly blackmailed her for nearly $28,000.

The victim’s mother told officers that she became suspicious when she saw that her 14-year-old son was “getting large amounts of money,” a police affidavit obtained by the Dallas Morning News showed.

“His clothes, his shoes, drugs, beer. He would leave the house, he wouldn’t come come for days,” the mother told CBS DFW, explaining that this led her to search his phone.

The boy’s mother showed police screenshots of this conversations with the teacher. In them, Doan’s former student tells her that he’s going to call the cops, adding that he she’s taking too long to get him the money. She responds by pleading with him not to reveal their relationship and says that she’s obtaining a loan.

According to CBS DFW’s report, the texts showed that the educator also wrote, in part: “I know you’re not playing. That’s why I’m so scared. So scared that I’m thinking about suicide. I can’t go to jail. I can’t do that to my family. I made a huge mistake and I don’t know how to fix it. Please forgive me. Please all the loan stores and banks are closed Sundays.”

Doan told police that she began communicating with the victim on social media, including Instagram, and that the two had sex at a park in summer 2015. According to the affidavit, they also had sex between November and December.

The teacher told police that the month after is when the boy threatened to show authorities photographic evidence of their relationship and listed drop-off sites for “hush money” payments.

Doan is currently out on bail.

The source site has a video of the news media’s interview with the teen’s mother.

10 thoughts on “Asian Woman Teacher Accused of Paying Middle School Blackmailing Student Hush Money Over Sex

  1. “His clothes, his shoes, drugs, beer.”
    Nice kid, and what is his ethnicity?
    Whoever sold him the beer and drugs are bigger criminals that this teacher. The kid also is a bigger criminal than the teacher. Blackmail is a very serious crime. So is child abuse but I think the female adult has less power over a male than a male adult has over a young female. Call me old fashioned, which I am. Also it seems this boy is not a student of the teacher, she met him on Anti Social Media.

  2. I feel bad for the teacher man. When I was 13, I was so horny I banged a neighbour woman who I still thank to this day for opening the door for me. She was not a pedophile, I looked very adult like and I knew what I was doing. I actively went after her and pretty much begged her to give me a shot as I would die if I dont suck her tits etc etc This fucking piece of shit should have been grateful for that and never should have put through such mental torture. Like think about her in that position, I think this whole age of consent thing is bull shit, it should be like, what the person looks like, their body growth etc. If someone obviously looks like a kid, then thats naturally a no no because you wont be attracted to that physically. But the age of consent is a big bullshit in the west where they act like the kid just came out of the womb a week ago. It is a new thing from the mid 19th century, in history age of consent was nothing, 14 was perferctly natural. Media had brainwashed people. Imagine yourself in her position, you just gave the money, you are not even rich, you work for a wage. Then you get another text and another and another, which never ends and u have no way to excape it. Especially Asian community will pretend to be such prudes and shun you for the rest of your life. She may have been emotionally immature as well, or the kid probably looked like an adult and beinga burglar and robber, he probably came off too strong and alpha compared to the polite new men around her. You cant go anywhere, when you wake up in the morning, the first 10 seconds you dont remember everything is normal, then it comes to you, he is gonna text again for more money! What a torture!! If I was her, I would have probably murdered the piece of shit somehow, ran over him with my car what not for betraying me instead of giving in. What an evil piece of shit.

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