Origins of the Term “Snowflake”

I’ve mostly avoided using the term snowflakes to describe temper-tantrum throwing, indoctrinated leftist youths. I don’t like it very much for some reason. I think it’s because snowflakes are gentle and have a beautiful intelligence about them. College students on the left are not that. They’re raging with hatred for the white race and for Western civilization.

Yesterday, I saw some Tweets that claimed that “snowflakes” originally referred to the ashes of dead Jews floating in the air above Nazi crematoria.

Today, the British Independent has come up with an alternative explanation for how the word is used today.

The Independent

Though it’s become a go-to slur for Trump supporters sounding off on Fox News, the term ‘snowflake’ started out among the Left, a way of criticising its own for being too sensitive, too easily outraged and too entitled.

If it rings a bell, it’s because it originated in Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club novel, the Tyler Durden line being notably emphasised in David Fincher’s 1999 film adaptation.

Asked about the popularisation of the term by the Evening Standard, Palahniuk said: “It does come from Fight Club. There is a line, ‘You are not special. You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake.’”

You could argue the film is about rejecting the kind of slacktivism that is widespread today in favour of actual action (albeit the pyromaniacal kind). Palahniuk does take issue with this generation’s mindset.

“There is a kind of new Victorianism,” he said. “Every generation gets offended by different things but my friends who teach in high school tell me that their students are very easily offended.”

He believes in the face of a renewed Right under Trump, the Left needs to change its approach.

“The modern Left is always reacting to things, once they get their show on the road culturally they will stop being so offended.” He claimed, though added: “That’s just my bullsh*t opinion.”

Snopes claims to debunk the Nazi explanation that was trending on Monday. Interestingly, that site offers a explanation that “snowflakes” was an insult applied to white southerners who in antebellum times supported slavery for blacks.

Whatever its origins, snowflake seems like a mild insult compared to other insults, such as sewer rats, vermin, retards, mental cripples, wackos, libtards, libturds, crybabies, etc.


18 thoughts on “Origins of the Term “Snowflake”

  1. I found a good quote elsewhere (4plebs dot org) which shows that Australia has been run by snowflakes since about 1965, under Jew direction of course. To be fair – women have had the vote in Australia for maybe 100 years or so. Can not just blame white men. Or maybe we should. In just 50 years White Australia has been destroyed – for ever. I can even remember it, the days when 99% of all people were white.

    “Once again white men have been complete failures at managing a country. Literally Australia was 99% white. It was the white nationalist dream, and white men fucked it up, AGAIN.

    Instead of building a strong country based on Fascism, white men raced to become top-cuckolds, ceding their rights for firearms, handing over leadership of the country to women and beta-males, and generally ignoring their responsibilities as men.

    Instead of doing their jobs and building an empire in Australia, you have faggoty liberal males doing faggoty liberal shit, while the “””redpilled””” men spend all their time watching sports, getting drunk, and riding around in their stupid bikie clubs.

    Tell me I’m fucking wrong. Australia was Jew-free for a long fucking time and you guys didn’t do DICK to build any sort of long term empire. “

    • It’s sickening to see what’s happened down under. I dreamed of escaping blacks by moving to Australia when I was a teenager. The 1960 or thereabouts movie On the Beach sparked my interest in the country. Australia had the last humans left alive after a nuclear war.

  2. Agree, snowflakes are beautiful, unique and different as if God designs every one of them. Using ‘snowflake’ to describe liberals destroys its original meaning like the word ‘gay.’

  3. On The Beach was set in Melbourne where the Greek/Kurd/ Muzzie mowed down the baby in a pram last week with a few dozen other people – many not white of course. So nowhere in Australia is now safe from the mudblood invaders. Chinks are here in the millions. They will take over Australia this Century. I predicted this 20 years ago and stand by the prediction. Maybe even by 2050 at current invasion rates. Even if Chinks do not run Australia they will own it by then – lock, stock and barrel.
    Meanwhile Africans seem to double in number about every year. I see Africans every day in my expensive “white” suburb near to Sydney Harbour. I never see Africans commuting to and from work. They are around at all times of day.

    Another quote from same site…..
    “You can’t stop what is happening. At the least you can try and get them to embrace your country instead of turning it into a third word shit hole that they came from

    If it were up to me we’d deport all of them and then nuke the middle east but that’s inhumane apparently “

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  5. “Snowflake is a term that currently is being used in a derogatory manner to suggest weakness. I would like to remind everyone that snowflakes are beautiful gifts of nature. Each one is unique. Individually they may be fragile but when working together they can create a hell of a storm. When packed together over time they can form glaciers which, in turn, can move mountains. To be a snowflake is to be part of an incredible force. Be proud to be a snowflake – let others beware of snowflake power.” Signed-A Kinder, Gentler Democrat. Not.

  6. Like many terms thrown around by so called alt right/neo Nazis, “snowflake” is a racist, anti Jewish, disguised Holocaust reference.
    Snopes claims there is no records of Nazis calling Jewish ashes “snowflakes”, however, Holocaust survivors have a different story. From a 2012 interview,
    “At Auschwitz, we tried to catch the snowflakes to drink and then we realised it wasn’t snow but ashes, and the stench was terrible. We passed through the selection and a man sent me and my mother to the right. I later learned he was Dr Josef Mengele, the angel of death.”
    It may not be a historical Nazi term, please don’t think it is chosen innocently.

    • Actually, snowflake in it’s most recent use was a derogatory term for a white person, usually made by a black person. It was shown in a movie where a black called a white “snowflake” and the white said “what did you call me?” I don’t remember the movie or show, or if it was a comedy.

      Indeed tho, the stupid left is making sure that whites and western civ are on the endangered species list – and one thing for sure, these stupid riot-prone students will be DEAD before they ever reach old age.

  7. Historical records may be irrelevant along with the reference in ‘Fight Club.’ The term gained momentum among the alt-right hanging out at Breitbart and they clearly have a white supremacy ideology. It could possibly be a more recent term referring to Jews murdered in the Holocaust. Perhaps the only way to get to the bottom of it is to analyze the context in the alt-right universe.

  8. Seems as though we now have three different meanings to the term snowflake.

    The most current term is used to describe people mainly millennials ages 18 to 35 who get offended by anything today not politically correct or afraid of getting their feelings hurt or need a safe space.

    We may never hear the Nazi term used ever except in history lessons and I just love the fresh new snow coming down at my cabin

    • Those so easily insulted need to spend a year or so in a black hell hole ghetto and perhaps end up like Chris Newsome and Shannon Christian ended up. They need to live through a LOT of that and experience the ahem, diversity first hand.

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