Newsweek Busted for Promoting Violence Against Richard Spencer

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas Tweeted this exposure of a story quashed by Newsweek magazine. The story began by claiming that Richard Spence is a “Nazi,” which he is not.

The writer of the story, which encourages violence toward people with pro-white views, is seen wearing a “Fuck Trump” cap. It really reveals his bias, doesn’t it?

Newsweek pulled the Richard Spencer story when it should have been quashed before publication.

Newsweek apologized Tuesday for publishing a story that praised an assault on white nationalist Richard Spencer, who was punched on video on the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Newsweek published a since-deleted story titled, “The Infinite Joy of Watching a Nazi Get Punched to Music,” by culture editor Joe Veix.

“On a day when many Americans were despairing over what they see as the transition of power to a fascist demagogue, it was a small moment of reprieve. It was possibly the first entertaining day on the internet since the election,” Veix wrote.

Spencer, one of the loudest voices in the so-called “alt-right” movement and the head of the white nationalist think-tank the National Policy Institute, was punched in the face during a live interview, and proceeded to use the incident to argue that his critics are violent cowards.

The punch was quickly remixed into a series of memes, many of them set to music.

Spencer said in a video he posted on Twitter that as he gave the interview, several people began circling him, including an African-American man who did a “Sieg Heil” salute to mock him. Others asked if he was a Neo-Nazi, which he denied. When a woman asked him if he liked black people, Spencer replied, “Yeah, sure.”

Then a man whose face was disguised suddenly popped into the shot to slug Spencer. “He came out of nowhere and and punched me and he didn’t really land one… it’s not a big deal… it didn’t really land and it didn’t hurt that much,” Spencer said. “This is who these people are. These are these total cowards that we’re dealing with.”

One reason people may have thought Richard Spencer is a Neo-Nazi is that at an alt-right gathering soon after Trump’s election, Spencer led a crowd in calling out, “Hail Trump! Hail our people!” He added, “Hail victory!,” the English translation of “Sieg Heil!”

This is a sample of what they’re talking about:

In response to the hate, a Spencer supporter Tweeted this short video clip, which Spencer Retweeted:

Yes, we will win.

5 thoughts on “Newsweek Busted for Promoting Violence Against Richard Spencer

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  2. Nazis promoted totalitarian government and territorial expansion by invasion. 2 things I have not heard Spencer promote. Nor have I heard him propose death camps to get rid of the Jewish element or genocide as a means of enforcing a White state. Separatism is not calling for extermination but dividing rather than continue to patch up an already failed idea that after 50+ years shows no sign of even slight success. I wouldn’t call him a Nazi by the historical definition. In fact, I see more traits in the Leftist agenda which parallel Nazism, especially the advocation of bigger gov’t with far more reaching powers. Instances like this aren’t hurting Spencer’s cause but are actually reaffirming that Leftism, unchecked, is a danger to the foundation of any nation. It has certainly shown that it operates out of a base of deep set hatred and will resort to violence if confounded. The left can not be placated or reasoned with and uses propaganda Himmler style.

    • Unfortunately, in America today your enemies define you. I have a new Richard Spencer interview I’m going to post in the next 24 hours, where he explains his belief system to a somewhat hostile interviewer. I’ve only watched part of it so far. He does pretty well. You can see him trying to avoid the traps set by the interviewer.

  3. If Spencer truly was a leader, he would have had 2 or 3 tough guys watching out for him during the interview. I mean unpaid bodyguards, maybe just friends of his. So he is not much of a leader in my book, and maybe does not have many friends either.

    Also this Hitler salute was a massive blunder and he did it intentionally. Trump disowned all of the alt-right because of this single stupid action. I can never be a fan of someone that tars his own side with the Nazi brush. I quote from the article above….and remember that some, or more likely all, of the Nazi salute givers were Jew infiltrators at the meeting. How did these Jew agitators know he would say “Hail Trump”?…..

    “One reason people may have thought Richard Spencer is a Neo-Nazi is that at an alt-right gathering soon after Trump’s election, Spencer led a crowd in calling out, “Hail Trump! Hail our people!” He added, “Hail victory!,” the English translation of “Sieg Heil!””

    • I’m more forgiving of the Nazi salute flap than you are. I like these in your face rebellious moves, although I’m a bit of rebel myself. For example, although I don’t visit his site much, I like the spirit of rebellion at Anglin’s Daily Stormer. That said, many believe he’s sponsored by the ADL like Spencer. This notion that our leading propagandists are being paid by the ADL is a bit offputting. I suspect that paid Jew trolls say this stuff to disrupt the movement.

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