Mother Whale Lifts Baby to See Humans on Boat (Video)

A very stupid woman tourist screaming in delight spoils the enjoyment of seeing a whale and her baby up close.

Published on Mar 27, 2012

Mother Whale and Calf with people on whale watching trip. Very cool to see the Momma raising her Baby to show it the funny looking humans! Like a revers Zoo, were the people out to see the Whales, or was the Momma Whale teaching her baby about humans? The big momma Whale held her baby on her back to raise it high enough for the humans to pet it, and for it to get a good look at the humans.

The last I checked, Iceland, Japan, and Norway were still hunting whales. At the risk of sounding like a liberal, “Save the whales.”

13 thoughts on “Mother Whale Lifts Baby to See Humans on Boat (Video)

      • Each animal on top of its class within a particular environment acts as a spiritual custodian to that macro-ecosystem; whales are custodians of the oceans and seas. Once they are gone from these imbalances will ultimately occur with unstoppable consequences. It isn’t a liberal notion; it is a matter of observation and understanding…

  1. Mother whale teaching her young one what Nips look like. I think the Japs are the only whalers these days. All for science, They kill 5000 Minke whales a year and eat them in restaurants. In the name of science.

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  3. Come now Paladin don’t fall for any Libtard myths. While I won’t argue that whales needed some protection back in the 1980’s the hunts they have today, even the Japanese ones, do minimal damage to the populations. There are many areas that allow whale hunting but many of them like in the Faroe islands are hunting whales that are really nothing more than dolphins and just as numerous. For instance Norway took around 1000 Minke whales in 2011 out of an estimated Northeast Atlantic population of well over 30,000 individuals.

    While I wouldn’t eat whales or dolphins I am not from a Northern culture that traditionally did so, at least I don’t think the Irish ate whales and/or dolphins, not to mention I am now landlocked anyway so it really isn’t my (or our) place to tell them they cannot hunt them. Regulating things that don’t need it because it isn’t something you would want to do anyway is a slippery slope that Liberal/Feminist love to trap otherwise level headed people into. Don’t fall for it.

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