Crazy Teacher Shoots Trump With Squirt Gun In Front Of Her Class, Yells “Die!” (Video)


OK, I admit I don’t know if this video was staged by someone for some nefarious purpose. I wouldn’t doubt, given the Women’s March on Washington last Saturday, that a woman teacher would do out of her insanity what is seen in the short video.

Assuming that the implied death threat against President Donald J. Trump is real, then the teacher is a Marxist/feminist/egalitarian with an ax to grind. She should do her ax grinding outside of school because while her words are probably not illegal, her ability to poison young minds needs to be taken away from her.

Sample youtube comments:

does anyone know what school this was at? I agree she needs to be reported not only to s s but the school needs to see this video. she needs to be fired. This woman has no right to be teaching children. Who knows what other kinds of hate she is teaching them.

The immaturity from The Left is ridiculous. This is the behavior of a five year old.

WTF, these people are insane. They’ve discarded their ability to reason and replaced with primitive violence.

Who is this teacher? She needs to lose her job.

about to lose her job and career

13 thoughts on “Crazy Teacher Shoots Trump With Squirt Gun In Front Of Her Class, Yells “Die!” (Video)

      • When commissars in classrooms make such gestures, more than half of the kids looking on will positively visualize the context. Now there is going to be a few more young people with a desire to kill someone for their social views…

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  2. but if she was white, and the picture was of hillary, then she’d be in jail…and fired immediately. we all know thats true.

  3. Maybe she is a student not a teacher. Lefties are sore losers. I guess that is why the Soviet Union only ever allowed one candidate at each public election and they had to be members of the Communist Party. That is lefty democracy at work.

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