(((Chelsea Handler))) Insults Melania: “she can barely speak English”


I was going to illustrate this story with a screen capture from the Chelsea Handler sex tape, or one of her many nude photos, but decided to play it straight. It would be too easy to mock her use of nudity and sex to promote her far-left political views. It would also be easy to ignore her except for the fact that the Jewish entertainment industry keeps giving her TV shows.

She’s not funny, for sure. But she’ll do anything for publicity to shore up her sagging career, which would match her sagging breasts, except they’ve been lifted by silicone.

That ((())) symbol has been getting a workout lately with all the Chosen Ones spouting their anti-Trump nonsense. At least Handler had sense enough to lay off Barron.

New York Daily News

Melania Trump isn’t welcome on Chelsea Handler’s Netflix show — because the comedian wouldn’t be able to understand her.

Handler wouldn’t interview the First Lady on “Chelsea” because “she can barely speak English,” she told Variety at the Sundance Film Festival.

“I don’t respect either one of those people,” she said about the Trumps.

The First Lady, who grew up in Yugoslavia, speaks Slovene, English, French, Serbian and German.

This isn’t the first time Handler has taken shots at Trump’s accent.

“Trump said Melania will give two or three more speeches,” the comedian tweeted on Oct. 28. “Hopefully an interpreter will be present.”

“Tim Kaine delivered a speech entirely in Spanish. Still easier to understand than Melania,” she wrote on Nov. 4.

Handler, an outspoken Hillary Clinton supporter during the presidential election, said she was going to register as an independent because “it isn’t working, this two-party system.”

“That’s what I’m going to make my agenda about: educating anyone I can while also getting educated,” she told Variety.

You know that Chelsea Handler wouldn’t mock and ridicule a Mexican maid who speaks no English. That would be racist. But Handler is a Jew mocking a Goyim. Isn’t that by logic also racist?

First Ladies should be left alone with two exceptions. The first was Hillary Clinton, who was as much a politician as Bill, and thus fair game.

The second exception was Michelle Obama who became the nation’s scold, trying to shame us for disagreeing with her husband and changing school cafeterias for the worse.

michelle-melania_trump obama

3 thoughts on “(((Chelsea Handler))) Insults Melania: “she can barely speak English”

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  2. This woman is nasty and intolerant. Any anti immigration person that complains about the bad English (or no English) spoken by migrants is called “intolerant” or “racist” if the immigrant is tinted.

    Here is Sydney, 30 or 40 years ago almost all immigrants spoke English in public, and very few were yellow or black. Now, Chinese have a lot of hubris and speak in public only in Chinese amongst themselves. I have even seen Chink school students do this just outside their school. It is common for me to sit on a bus and be surrounded by Chinks and wogs speaking in languages other than English. I.e. nobody is speaking English! Sydney was 99% white only 60 years ago.

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