Caretaker on the Run After Smacking Around Elderly Patient for Feeding Dog Human Food


A video of Brenda Floyd repeatedly hitting a very frail elderly woman is embedded at the bottom of this post.

We generally think of women as less prone to violence than men, but if that’s true, then Brenda Floyd is the exception to the rule.

The elderly woman’s family noticed bruises on her and set up a hidden camera that caught Floyd giving her some mean slaps.


HOUSTON — Police released graphic home surveillance video of a Texas caretaker viciously abusing an elderly patient.

The video shows the caretaker, identified by police as Brenda Floyd, berating and striking the victim in the living room of her Houston home, according to KIAH.

Police said the video was taken around 8 p.m. on New Year’s Day at the patient’s house in the 800 block of Oak Valley Drive.

Floyd can be seen waking the woman, who lets out a terrified-sounding yelp, before smacking her multiple times in the body, according to police.

“I told you to stop feeding that dog that human food,” the caretaker says at one point before slapping the patient in the back of the head. “Do you have another $4,000 to put that dog back in the hospital? Huh?”

Floyd allegedly slaps her again as the woman struggles to crouch down and pick up the scraps from the floor.

Video shows the caretaker guide the frail-looking woman to her walker, striking and swearing at the patient as she orders her to bed.

Floyd is now a fugitive wanted on a charge of assault of an elderly or disabled person.

Investigators said Floyd has black hair and brown eyes. She is around 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs around 215 pounds.

Anyone with information regarding Floyd’s whereabouts is asked to call Crime Stoppers of Houston at 713-222-TIPS. The agency is offering an up to $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

KHOU reports that the victim is 94 years old. It describes both the fugitive and victim as white, but judging from the look of Floyd and her voice as heard in the video, she’s a light skinned black. She has that distinct black accent. The victim reportedly suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease.

From KHOU:

Floyd, 59, is described as a white female with black hair and brown eyes. She is about 5’2″ tall and weighs approximately 215 lbs.

Police tell us she has no criminal history and had worked for the family for about three years. They hired her through a popular website called

“The family felt very comfortable with her and even assisted her with purchasing a vehicle in order to be able to get transportation to come to house to provide care and were very, very disappointed when the saw the abuse,” said Asst. Chief Ray Schultz with the Memorial Villages Police Department.

My God, who would smack someone around for getting a bit of enjoyment in life by feeding a little dog morsels of food from their plate?

The sooner Brenda Floyd is captured, the safer the world will be.

15 thoughts on “Caretaker on the Run After Smacking Around Elderly Patient for Feeding Dog Human Food

  1. Good God! This piece of shit should be sent straight to hell ASAP. And now chaps, resist the urge to stare at this woman’s ugly face to find traces that she is 0.0000000000000000001% afromonogoloid or whatever (you don’t know, at least not yet), we must take responsibility for our misbehavior and not pretend each and every time that it just can’t be one of us; resist it.

    • There’s a lot of Cajuns over toward Houston who migrated from south Louisiana. Many of them interbred with slaves during antebellum times. My south Louisiana parish (county), St. Bernard, near New Orleans, was allegedly 95 percent white when I was growing up there. However, a fair number of those whites were very dark brown. Kids from any ethnic group (including Flips) could go the white schools. The only exception were the clearly African students. They had their own school separate from the white schools.

      Brenda Floyd’s accent suggests either black or black/cajun. One of the sites where I read the story had a comment calling her a “wigger.” LOL.

      • Could be, but the point is to remind people that we have behavioral issues to fix, not to pretend every offender is a “mud” every single time. According to most commenters on here, we dindu nuffin- literally ever. That doesn’t help, unless the goal is just to kibbutz on the internet forever and ever. Wether this lady has a smidgen of a fraction of a nanoparticle of some blackness in her or not; we should be pissed about it. The idea of whites being incapable of wrong doing is very real in the minds of many commenters. Now that these sites are getting norm traffic we should steer away from such ridiculous ideas and wild speculation.

        Thanks for the info about Cajuns, I know virtually nothing about them, or most of Lousianas people for that matter.

    • Right on. I think it is their appearance that gives that impression. That plus the fact that they don’t perform well when their violence is counteracted with greater violence, it then appears that they are more sinned against than sinners.

  2. ” victim is 94 years old”.
    People are living way past their use by date. Medical research keeps working on ways to make people live longer. Not for humane reasons but to make money at the expense of the taxpayer.
    Many people in the West past about 60 and older have lonely lives. What is the use of it going on for 30 more years or so?

    i am old myself so feel entitled to say such things. Put simply, Governments can not afford to keep elderly people with no money alive. In poor countries, it is sink or swim. If your relatives do not look after you, then your life will not extend to 94.

    In the Socialist countries like Australia, a huge amount of tax payer (and borrowed Govt debt) money is blown on carers who could be making things for export. A lot of able bodied men aged in their 40’s and 50’s have turned to this ‘profession”. I know some – one was a fitter and turner by trade and the other was an architect. Another cadge is an able bodied person can get a full time carer pension to look after their own parents, or other at home relative. Often this younger person, aged in their 50s, never left home and never had any children.

    Govt policy must be ruthlessly and urgently directed towards young whites having babies within independent households, not keeping very old people alive, else whites will become extinct. I am not suggesting killing any elderly whites, just ease off on the free carers and so on. If the oldsters blew their money on drugs, booze, smoking and gambling that is their bad luck and not the Govts fault or responsibility. If they trusted the Jew stock markets with their money that is also their bad luck. Get carers back to factories making things to be exported or used. Re carers I am talking about people not working in institutions, where the economies of scale are much better for the Govt or charity running the place.

    • I have to pretty much agree with Robert. Heart, lung and other transplants should be saved for the younger generations, who are still or have yet to contribute to society. The elderly who rot away in nursing homes and hospital beds should be made as comfortable as possible, including pain medications, and let die when their time comes. No life saving measures ever, included old ex-presidents (the Bushes) and other famous people who are past their contributing abilities and are just hanging on.

      Hitler gave couples having more than one child government grants to help them out

      Young people need to be taught that caring for their parents is a virtue, as in older cultures around the world, perhaps even with a few government subsidies to prevent adding to rising medical costs with useless hospitalizations.. . They need to remember who changed their diapers when THEY were little. What goes around comes around.

      • Certainly, Obamacare did have death panels. And elderly whites were targeted for death by them. Blacks could get treatments denied whites, or so I’ve read. The VA was allowed to run down under Obama because most of the older vets were white.

    • Robert, the top headline on Drudge is that Mary Tyler Moore is dead at age 80. She looked like walking death for years now. Her hsuband of the last 33 years is a Jew doctor, who survives her.

  3. “In the Socialist countries like Australia, a huge amount of tax payer (and borrowed Govt debt) money is blown on carers who could be making things for export. ”

    Its a big excuse for “replacement migration” too. Any excuse to (((bring in the workers(((we))) need))).

  4. That woman definitely sounds black to me. From her photo at the top I first thought Mexican/Cuban, but in the video, her voice definitely sounds black. If she’s white, then she was raised by blacks. 🙂

    As for that poor elderly woman, good grief! What a heart stab. She already has Alzheimer’s so the LAST thing she needs is to be hit on the head! SO CRUEL! Vicious! Old age, dying, and death is the saddest thing in all the universe. None of the elderly are safe in this day & age with all the thugs working in elder homes, nursing homes, hospitals, etc. I would not want to trust even the caretakers that come to your own home as shown above.

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