Breaking: Trump’s Secret Service Bodyguard Wore Prosthetic Hands at Inauguration

Somebody was on the ball and came up with a good idea.

Daily Mail

Social media is awash with claims one of the Secret Service agents protecting President Donald Trump had prosthetic arms, with his real hands on the trigger of a gun under his coat.

The theory stems from analysis of video footage as President Trump, his wife Melania and son Barron went on an informal walkabout down Pennsylvania Avenue after Friday’s inauguration.

The Trumps were surrounded by a phalanx of bodyguards in the standard-issue trenchcoats.

But one of the agents came in for particular scrutiny because his arms did not appear to move and his hands remained in the same position for several long minutes.

The theory that he was holding a gun under his coat was only dispelled when emerges and video emerged of him moving his arms and using his hands.

He used his hands BEFORE going out to walk with the Trumps. Look at those hands frozen in position in the embedded video.

The Sun reports on speculation that the agent was holding a machine gun under his long coat, specifically an FN-P90.

The FN-P90 is a compact Belgian sub machine gun used by the Secret Service Emergency Response Teams which holds 50 rounds of ammo and would be small enough to fit under a winter coat.Agents are known to wear bullet-proof underpants made out of Kevlar along with armoured suits.

Along with a larger automatic weapon, officers protecting the President also carry a smaller hand gun and M84 stun grenades which temporarily blind and deafen assailants.Members of the Emergenmcy Response Unit carry a Wolfeyes 320 lumen torch which is reportedly more powerful than headlights on a BMW car.

You can decide for youself, but I think those hands were fake.

11 thoughts on “Breaking: Trump’s Secret Service Bodyguard Wore Prosthetic Hands at Inauguration

  1. People tend to have luxurious fantasies, but it’s quite ridiculous in this case, as any prosthetic ballast would rather limit agent’s movement and action. They all had unbuttoned trench coats and having hands already in the vicinity of the gun somewhere at the waistband it just enables instant gun pull out.

    My attention attracted much smaller female agent with hands in the similar position but with quite an unusual square bulge at her waist. It didn’t look as body armor. However, it was an amazing and challenging operation for all security forces, having Trump with Melania walking like that in the open and many Lefty loons willing to make him harm.

    • LOL. Since everybody’s disagreeing with me, I took a second look and saw his thumb twitch ever so slightly. I also noticed the female agent.

      Everyone was brave, including Trump, Melania, and Barron.

      Kudos to them all.

      • The Thump doesn’t hate women. Now these same dried up vaginas are marching because he is reactivating Keystone and the Dakota pipeline. They need to go home, make their husbands happy and have White babies. We have plenty of energy stuck in the ground that hopefully thumper can make available by curbing a lot of the environmental restrictions that stupid tree hugging jew run activists put in place.

  2. Agree with you Paladin, his hands do look odd and that he held them in that position so long. Other SS that could be seen didn’t hold their hands like that. But, how effective could prosthetic hands be at protecting anyone? If he did, could it be he held them closely to his weapons because of a slower response time than other agents.

    I wonder if someone with any type of prosthetic would even be considered as an SS agent when instant reactions are necessary. .

  3. This is better than some other sites where they have floated the idea that the agent is a shape-shifting, reptilian space alien.

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