Awesome Trump to Sign Order to Start Building Border Wall

The Daily Beast

President Trump is expected to order the construction of a border wall with Mexico in an executive order on Wednesday, according to the New York Times. An executive order to direct federal funds to cover the wall’s construction is slated to be signed during an appearance by the president at the Department of Homeland Security on Wednesday, the New York Times reported, citing White House officials. He has claimed that the wall, a central promise of his campaign, is vital to keeping illegal immigrants out of the country. The executive order for the wall’s financing is set to be signed Wednesday in tandem with another order issuing a temporary ban on refugees from Middle Eastern countries. Trump hinted at the news on Twitter on Tuesday night, writing, “Bid day planned on NATIONAL SECURITY tomorrow. Among many other things, we will build the wall!”

trump wall drones

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13 thoughts on “Awesome Trump to Sign Order to Start Building Border Wall

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  2. Just been watching the BBC. Having spent months ridiculing the notion of building a wall. They now tell us that it (in part) already exists along 1/3 of the border.

    They showed a picture of a fence topped with razor wire just south of Santiago.

    One third is already in place and they only mention this now. Deplorable.

  3. Honestly, I can’t believe this may actually happen. I guess I must be jaded, but I’m gonna be cautious about this one. This is kind of surreal really.

  4. If Trump did nothing else it would still have been worth voting for him. That is why I predicted he would keep this promise.

    Here is an idea. Why no immediately deploy 2 or 3 divisions of US military along the border, armed with live rounds? There are 30,000 soldiers sitting in the DMZ in Korea for 60 years now, wasting money.
    They would be allowed to shoot to kill any person within kill zones on US soil who runs in any direction when ordered to stand still, in both English and Spanish. Men, women and children, does not matter. The USA is entitled to defend its border with lethal force.
    This would be excellent training for the military. They also could have some gun battles with Mexican drug gangs, who will fire back with live rounds.
    Those who stand still are immediately marched across the border to Mexico and given no water or food.
    Those border invaders carrying drugs to be shot immediately without trial.
    Maybe at night the border jumpers can be shot from helicopters with no warning. Night time could be a complete curfew along the border zone.

    The Soviet Union for 70 years shot on sight anyone trying to exit the Soviet Union by sneaky means away from checkpoints. Not a whimper about this from do gooders and humanitarians. Or even historians – it as though this never happened in the Jew paradise Soviet Union.

    • Oh, I should add that there’s not much press play given to Cubans imprisoned for wanting to escape Castro’s communism either. I recall East Berliners shot for trying to run across the border to the West.

      • Watchtower guards at prisons in white countries have open slather to shoot escaping prisoners using loaded longarm weapons..
        Mexico is a prison full of criminals trying to escape. USA guards could legally shoot anyone crossing the wall after dark, and arrest and deport those crossing by day.
        White countries need to end their open door policy and especially the soft cock “humanitarian” nonsense. These nice guy rules are not applied when guarding criminals within the white country.

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