1947 Government Propaganda Film Promotes Globalism, Diversity, Multiculturalism

Pro-Negro and pro-Jew, this film warns white people that they shouldn’t stand up for a white America. I think Warner Brothers was involved in the production. I recognize the sets and style of production. This thing is really, really pro-Jewish.

Ken Smith sez: Everyone has something that can be taken away, explains the narrator of this film, and so does average everyman “sucker” Mike — he stands to lose “America.”

Mike watches idly while a street corner soapbox orator rants against Negroes, “alien foreigners” and Catholics. Mike thinks this is pretty agreeable, until the rabble-rouser adds “freemasons” to his list.

Hey, wait a second, Mike says, I’m a freemason. Over wanders an elderly man with a Hungarian accent (so he says) who proceeds to set dizzy Mike straight.

The Hungarian reminds Mike that Germany was “a nation of suckers” who allowed “crazy people; stupid fanatics” to use prejudice to “cripple the nation.” “We must guard everyone’s liberties, or we can lose our own,” he declares. “Let’s not be suckers! Let’s be selfish about it; let’s not think about ‘we’ and ‘they’. Let’s think about ‘us’!”

Good direction and an obviously decent budget make this film very watchable, and it’s interesting to hear the old man appeal to our “good, hard, common sense” in that Bugs Bunny/blue-collar worker colloquial slang that was the accepted voice of Average Joe in postwar America. “America is minorities,” the old man proclaims, “and that means you and me!” This populist New Deal view would disappear as quickly as evil German references in the Republican 1950s.

Producer: U.S. War Department
Sponsor: U.S. War Department

10 thoughts on “1947 Government Propaganda Film Promotes Globalism, Diversity, Multiculturalism

  1. This was (((Warner Bros))) propaganda made in 1943 and reissued in 1946. I have not watched it. Here is a quote from near the end which lefties, nasty women and antifas should think about, maybe the Eternal Jew also…..

    “We must guard everyones liberty or we can lose our own.”

    • List to old time radio shows for the ’40s and you’ll find public service announcements filled with this kind of crap. I’d say that this kind of stuff probably goes back to the 30s or maybe even to the advent of radio itself. They’ve been at it a long time.

  2. No nation can survive and thrive as a collection of minorities. That creates internal conflict, just as we are seeing today as every group clamors for rights and equality. Except their definition of those things is superiority at the cost of devaluing everyone else. Grand sounding words but totally worthless. Reality is there are winners and losers, winners rise, losers vanish. White America is vanishing at the cost of these phoney minority rights. I don’t want to vanish. I have rights as well and that includes life and the pursuit of my ideals. Peaceful coexistence is straight out of fiction. It is jockeying for the upper hand in order to make sure ones kith and Ken are dominant using any and whatever means available. Liberal whites buy into a fantasy and ignore reality. I suppose this is what is meant by being Red Pilled.

  3. Reality check– I love and respect our God Emperor, but he is only a temporary fixture. Like Reagan, the entire forces of darkness (jews, negroes, crazed feminists, colored minorities, libtards, RINO’s, Democrats et al) are arrayed against him and against awake/aware evil YT’s like us. And, like Reagan, as soon as he leaves office, they will move again to undo whatever good he has done. (((They))) and their minions (see above) do mean to eliminate us Evil YT will not survive without shedding blood.

    • Reagan failed to change the culture. I hope that Trump can do what Reagan didn’t. Reagan became too politically correct too quickly. Nancy made him that way. Melania isn’t going to change Trump. She’s much weaker than Nancy.

      • How about posting some far right anti Commie stuff made in the past instead of Jew Spew? I refuse to watch (((left wing propaganda))), or listen to Milo the anal reamer, (((Mark Shouldice))), (((Stefan Molyneax))) or nasty women. Thus, many of the videos here are non starters for me. “He who touches pitch shall be defiled”.

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