White mom wins $1.6 million from black fraternity in Springfield for black mob violence

Published on Jan 21, 2017

The Colin Flaherty video explains the horrific Negroid assault on an innocent white college kid minding his own business.

Note that the news media TOTALLY IGNORED the fact that the attackers were dindus out to beat a white person to death. The following news report is VERY misleading regarding the undeclared race war being perpetrated on whites.

St. Louis Today

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. • A former Missouri State University student who said he was the victim of a so-called “knockout game” attack outside a fraternity party in 2010 has been awarded $1.63 million in damages, though he is likely to collect only $630,000.

The lawyers representing Trevor Godfrey, 25, said in a news release that the Omicron Kappa chapter of Omega Psi Phi didn’t do enough to create a safe environment at the party before Godfrey was struck from behind and knocked unconscious, the Springfield News-Leader reported.

The Omicron Kappa chapter was the sole defendant after Omega Psi Phi and several individuals were dismissed from the suit before the case went to trial last week. Godfrey’s attorney, Steve Garner, said $1 million in punitive damages wasn’t covered by the fraternity’s insurance and couldn’t be collected, though insurance covers the $630,000 in actual damages.

“MSU has great rules to protect those who attend fraternity and sorority parties and those who come in contact with the party. In fact, I cannot imagine any rules that are better,” Garner wrote in an email. “This was an instance where the rules were not followed and there was no security to monitor this party. I have nothing negative to say about this fraternity.”

Hal Meltzer, an attorney for the Omicron Kappa chapter, didn’t immediately return a phone message from The Associated Press.

Springfield police said that no charges had been filed and that the case was closed. A Springfield police report said people attending the party reported that they didn’t see or know anything. A responding officer wrote in the report that besides finding Godfrey bloodied and “very disoriented,” another person reported that he also had been struck in the head.

MSU President Clif Smart said around the time of the attack that the administration had done everything it could to “help find out who the assailant is” but was unsuccessful.

As I constantly report, the only thing blacks understand is pain. The perps were protected by the other conscienceless blacks at the party. They should have been tortured (waterboarded?) to be made to reveal the identities of the guilty parties.

Various stray comments on youtube report that the MSU cops are worthless when it comes to enforcing the law against blacks.

Jiminy Cricket1 day ago
They protect the groids and ignore their violence in many cases. If the groid is arrested, it’s typically let go anyway.

Until that changes, Whites are always in danger around blacks.

They understand and respect overwhelming violence. They do not respect kindness, charity, or rationality.

They are NOT White people. Their culture is alien. They are alien to our way of life, values, and civilization.

You can take a bunny out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the bunny. Period.

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