Liberal Media Promoting (((Mike Cernovich))) as Face of Alt-Right


Mike Cernovich, who may or may not be a Jew himself (he once said he was, but later claimed he was joking), refuses to tackle the Jewish Question (JQ). You can’t even begin to drain the swamp unless you’re willing to say that some of the alligators wear yarmulkes.

Cernovich is rapidly becoming a media darling. It seems like they’re trying to set up a good cop–bad cop scenario, with Cernovich the good cop and Richard Spencer the bad cop.

The following article from the Jewish owned Business Insider isn’t much in the way of news. It seems that the idea here is to emphasize the split in the alt-right that Cernovich caused.

Business Insider

Prominent pro-Donald Trump Twitter troll Mike Cernovich said he essentially deserved to be called what is considered to be the worst, and favored, insult among the so-called alt-right movement.

That insult is “cuck,” a popular expression used by the alt-right, a movement that consists of white nationalists, reactionaries, men’s rights activists, and staunch protectionists, among others. “Cuck” is derived from the word “cuckold.”

Speaking to Business Insider at last week’s Deploraball, Cernovich said being called a “cuck” is “pretty funny” considering how he had launched many similar attacks on people previously.

“It’s karma,” he said. “I troll, I’m trolled.”

“That’s the thing,” he continued. “That’s why when people in the media get trolled, and I’m like, ‘Well, when you write about people you can f—— ruin a person’s life. You got to own that. So if people want to f— with you, it’s only fair.’ I definitely deserve to be trolled.”

Cernovich, who gained prominence online for his often controversial pro-Trump commentary, which also included efforts in spreading conspiracies such as PizzaGate and others related to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s health, was called a “cuck” by many after he had a falling out with another prominent member of the alt-right, Baked Alaska.

Cernovich targeted Baked Alaska, who also goes by Tim Treadstone (real name is Anthime Gionet), and asked him not to attend the Deploraball for posts he made online about Jewish people. The Deploraball, which took place last week, was the pre-inauguration, Washington, DC, event for the alt-right, and Cernovich was a top organizer.

That prompted Baked Alaska to go on a lengthy Twitter rant against Cernovich, capping off with a roughly 45-minute scorched-earth Periscope video in which he called Cernovich “a huge cuck” and “a massive cuck.”

Many others subsequently joined in on the trolling of Cernovich.

The episode showed splits within the alt-right movement, which is unabashedly pro-Trump. Cernovich and others have begun to refer to themselves as the “new right.”

You don’t have to be a “Nazi” to want to see your leaders bring up the JQ. I think Cernovich is putting his income first and his principles second. His latest publicity stunt has him filing a lawsuit (which costs you about $300 to $400 if you do it yourself) in order to unseal the court records on the Jeffrey Epstein pedophile island scandal. Never forget that he’s selling a book, Gorilla Mindset, and he’s selling supplements of some kind.

He’s aiming to be a leader of younger right wing white guys, keeping them out of the less politically correct arm of the alt-right. If guru Cernovich succeeds, the guys will get diverted off into body building, woman chasing, and other activities that do not advance our cause.

Cernovich isn’t just a cuck. He’s also poison to race realism and White Nationalism. Between MILO and Cernovich, we have two real problems. David Duke and Richard Spencer are better role models, although Duke is too old to lead a youth movement.

You can see from looking at Cernovich’s wife that he can never be pro-white.

12 thoughts on “Liberal Media Promoting (((Mike Cernovich))) as Face of Alt-Right

  1. I highly doubt he is Jewish. WNs are way to spring-loaded to readily accept any such chatter. He looks like the typical meat-head/muscle-head archetype. Mesomorphic plus cromagnoid head- likely not Jewish or very minimally at best. I know many commenters will stare at his photo hoping it will eventually morph into 0.0000000000000001% afromongolosemitowhatever, but it’s not likely, unless he confirms it himself. That looks to be a Balkan Slavic name.

  2. As to him being a leader: guys, this guy and others like him were just some non-mainstream conservative commentators who flowed into the same stream as alt-right types due to the Trump presidency. There was no need to try and merge them, or litmus test them as they were not looking to enter the alt-right. You should’ve accepted them for what they were, worked with the ’til the election and then gone back to your seats (them too). Instead you’ve now got some PUA blogger getting ready to possibly wreck Richard whom know is given the title by the media of leader. Could this not have been handled better by altrights/WNs, etc? Must everything become a sh$t storm? Instead of trying to attack some outside guy into taking on your position, you could’ve agreed up to a point, parted ways and things would’ve worked out in a very loose coalition. But you just gotta have the circus, dontcha guys.

    Most of you started out in the lighter stuff and eventually moved on to your current positions, you couldn’t let these guys do the same? They could be ‘you’ in two years, just like most of you were once slightly unconventional libertarians/conservatives/individualists a few years back. Fight the urge to lose.

    • Lots of people have beady eyes, George W. Bush comes to mind. The stereotype for them is not wide mouth, it is usually recessed chin. His big jaw is cromagnoid. How many Jews have you seen this big that look like him? Either way, this whole situation is ridiculous.

  3. “ovich” is Slavic and often a Jew suffix. Son of Cern – which seems to be a very rare name. Cernovich looks like that mediocre action actor whose name I cannot recall. Peinovich is son of Pein. Pein is a common rabbi name.
    Whether Cernovich is a Jew or not his name is hardly like these great gentlemen leaders of the past….
    Robert E. Lee
    Stonewall Jackson.

    “Cernovich targeted Baked Alaska, who also goes by Tim Treadstone (real name is Anthime Gionet”.

    So I am led by guys with names like Cernovich and Gionet? Also a faggot like Milo? Jews like Mark Shouldice and that angry Jew beardo bald guy whatsisname. Poofy looking Nazis like Richard Spencer?

    Here are some good names and good people. David Duke, Pat Buchanan.

    A site linked here called “Compulsory Diversity News” says all was lost in 1945 and I am inclined to agree. David Duke is hopeful and optimistic but to me whites are doomed. That does not mean I will not fight. True whites never give up and this has been proved in European legends and European history. Beowulf and Roland. Don Quixote also, who fought on for chivalry and damsels long past his use by date.
    If and when whites disappear mankind will be back up swinging in the trees. But how will the deserts Coons and towelheads create turn back in to jungles where stupid lazy humans can survive?

    • Stefan Molyneaux is the guy you had trouble bringing to mind.

      Here’s my take, in brief. In a propaganda war, the way the propagandists look doesn’t matter. Witness Andrew Anglin.

      However, we do have Jared Taylor who is handsome and not faggy looking, along with Duke and Buchanan.

      In a hot war, it would be good to have leaders with the good looks and wisdom of Rommel.

      • Andrew Anglin speaks very well and like me he wants a lot less Africans. He wants to save the elephants so a certain type of primate must be culled. He says that whites must stop feeding Africans and also the export of Africans must cease. I like the name Anglin. Spencer is a good name too come to think of it. The name of Prince Charles first wife.

    • You are not lead by anyone, these are simply various personalities taking advantage of youtube to get their various messages out. -ovich/ovic is a very common Slavic language name suffix I’m not sure how it is Jewish (Slobodan Milosevic, Mila Jovovich, Fr. Justin Popovic etc). As for Spencer, if he is not up to snuff, then the naysayers should step up and replace him.

  4. He can put his gloves, I would just grasp my S&W magnum 44…. You know like the institution in the movie Indian Jones & the Lost Ark ?? Indiana Jones confronted by a mob in the market & uses his whip to fight them ?? After a while they all run away & Indiana Jones is confronted by a big Arab with a huge sword ??What does Indiana do ?? He pull his Colt Equalizer & shoot the schmuck ?? That’s all folks !

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