“I’m With You:” Hillary Clinton and Her “Nasty Women”

Ashley Judd is a nasty woman. Boycott her. She’s batshit crazy.

Don’t believe me? Watch the seven minutes of video embedded in this post.

Since I don’t follow celebrities, all I can say is that this is one white woman I hope has no children.

Lew Rockwell

“I’m with you.”

That’s what Hillary Clinton reportedly told the tawdry mob of ranting and raving female commies in DC today who were carrying signs accusing President Trump of the old standby PC broken record, “racism, sexism, and homophobia,” along with allegedly supporting a “rape culture,” “white supremacy,” and worse. The chubby, fat-cheeked “actress” Ashley Judd even took to the podium to accuse the president of “having wet dreams” about his own daughter. She said “I feel Hitler in these streets” a day after Donald Trump walked down them in the inaugural parade. “Madonna” showed up to declare that she’s been thinking of “blowing up the White House” in one of her usual foul-mouthed, f-bomb-infused rants. She then called the gathering a “revolution of love.” What a classy group of gals. (Yeah, Donald Trump wants his wife, daughters, sister, daughters-in-law, and granddaughters to live in a “rape culture”). One sign described the Trump administration as a bunch of “F’ing Sh – – .”

How gracious of Hillary to say “I’m With You” to this mob of jerks, foul-mouthed perverts and misfits (a.k.a. “the Democratic Party base”) barely twenty-four hours after Trump so magnanimously asked a luncheon crowd to give her a round of applause.

Lock. Her. Up! Lock. Her. Up!

(The pictures I’ve seen are all close-ups, indicating that it must have been a small mob, contrary to the NBC News prediction yesterday that this mob of losers and whiners would exceed the size of the crowd on inauguration day. More fake news run amok).

11 thoughts on ““I’m With You:” Hillary Clinton and Her “Nasty Women”

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  2. Ashley Judd is the perfect representation of american womanhood today. She was one of those “America’s Sweetheart” type actresses back in the day to boot, lol! That speech was just about the most ridiculous thing ever. “Nasty” women should be ignored completely, at the very least. I mean guys should not even bang them for one night stands, nor even hit on them at the bar. I know this is too much to ask, but it would be a worthwhile endeavor.

  3. Nasty and some women fit together like hand in glove. Many of the nasty posts here attacking other posters have been made by females, and Paladin often allows this, maybe his southern Gentleman character at work thinking all women are Ladies. Though of course several females here are always polite.

    A good example of nasty is (((Judge Judy))). The headline on Womens Monthly reads “Why I had to get rid of my husband”. Not “Why my husband and I had to separate”.

  4. Back in the 80’s, nasty could be good or bad depending upon the context on how the word was used. Please see the entry below pulled from Urban Dictionary regarding nasty.

    A word used to describes someone’s excellent ability at something or to describe something that is ridiculously good.
    Garett is nasty at basketball and soccer.
    Sherr makes a nasty omelette

    I am a nasty girl. Hell yeaaahhhhhhhh.

    • That was kind of a rocker thing back then though, like “dude, that new Metallica album is nasty!” sort of stuff was common to hear.

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