How to Spot a Jew


Excerpt from The Right Stuff

The most obvious clues the books details are Jewish names. One of the most obvious ways to identify a Jewish name is to take note of the suffix, the most famous suffix in the West being (((((((-BURG))))))). You can mishmash anything in front of it, but usually if there is a (((-burg))) at the end of a last name you know you are dealing with a Jew. Here is a short list of Jewish suffixes to watch out for. Remember this is only a clue to one’s heritage; there is a small chance this might be a goy.

-burg or -berg
And remember these names can be mish mashed together. You can have Steinburgs, Burgsteins or even Steinmanns. There are also the more popular Jewish family names that don’t use an identifiable suffix or even a set spelling. Names like:

-S(c)hapiro (sometimes spelled different from LITTLE BENJI)
All of these names echo and can help you build your 5th-generation Jewdar. But are there any other ways to identify Jews than just their names?

Il libro del naso mentions another effective way to spot a Jew: the nose, which is where the grimoire gets its name. Jewish noses are not just huge, they are shaped differently from most other noses due to, or perhaps in spite of, Jewish mixing with other populations. They often share the same hooked feature. But the thing most people miss is the “Hebrew swirl,” where the nostrils interact with the rest of the face in a peculiar way, with the rest of the face giving a very Jewish expression. The swirl is present in Figure 1 and demonstrated by that reptilian Jew demon Bob Filner.

There are more tips on how to spot a Jew in the article and in the comments. If perfecting your Jewdar is one of you goals for 2017, check it out.

10 thoughts on “How to Spot a Jew

  1. Jews love the first part of their name to be Gold or Silver, one wonders why? Never ever Penny or Farthing. There was a Commie non Jew union man in Australia called John Halfpenny. What a pathetic name, one that a billionaire or a Jew would never have.

    I have met several Jews named Goldman, Silverberg and so on. So “Larry Shekelberg” is pretty close to the truth, real name Larry Silverstein. That is the guy that made $4 billion in a single day via an insurance scam, without lifting a finger.

      • My Spidey senses tingle when there is no outward or characteristic tell that the subject is a Jew. My grandfather taught me how to hone this skill; he learnt it in Odessa in the early 1900s, where his family had to deal with them down at the dye works they owned. I remember one Christmas, while eating kapusta, he went on a legendary diatribe on the Jews, during which he claimed that “a Jew will run seven miles in the snow for a lump of horseradish…”

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