“God Hating Communist Scumbag” Michael Moore Confronted by Alt-Right

Heh, heh. A small bit of annoyance appeared in millionaire Michael Moore’s face after he gave his Inauguration talk to a crowd of anarchists.

“The alt-right has their eye on you every day.”

There’s no great drama here, just harassment of the man whose career has been made by harassing and ridiculing people.

Published on Jan 23, 2017
Our Red Ice Philly crew ran into Michael Moore while filming in Washington, DC during Trump’s inauguration and had a few words for him.

Somehow, the comments thread on the first youtube comment evolved away from legitimate insults toward Michael Moore and toward the issue of miscegenation.

Here’s a comment suggesting the white race should be saved:

Leo you don’t take into account the massive push by certain groups to promote miscegenation. Your whole principal assumes that people are rational actors that goes about following their emotions in a rational way. That is misguided.

You also incorrectly assume people naturally want to breed outside of their race. While there are always outliers in any group the vast majority do not wish to do this. As many different studies have shown.

Also for whites are more attractive objectively because of the environments they evolved in. I encourage you to do some research on the differences ethno-anthropologically to understand primitive, infantile, and progressive morphologies and how this pertains.

So a final point, you seem to follow the NAP. There are aggressive campaigns to promote miscegenation and ethnic cleansing of European peoples, should we not defend ourselves from this? Or should we allow non rational individuals to lead to the destruction of a whole group of a species?

6 thoughts on ““God Hating Communist Scumbag” Michael Moore Confronted by Alt-Right

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  2. He’s a Trotskyite psychopath ! Like his idol Trotsky he dream of killing all the goyim Christian ! Just give him the opportunity & he will make Pol Pot blush with embarrassment ??

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