Rumor Mill has Feminist Jew SNL Writer Who Attacked Barron Trump Jobless Now


Multiple sources have reported that Katie Rich’s name did not appear on Saturday Night Live’s writing credits.

That could mean one of two things:

1. She’s been fired by the show. However, no announcement of such a firing has been made. Neither has the show or NBC network denounced her attack on Barron.

2. The network and show are covering for her, with plans to bring her name back on the writer’s credits when things cool down.

I suspect the second possibility is the accurate one.

Meanwhile, her Twitter account no longer exists. That’s saving her from having to read critical statements about her sense of decency.

However, you can read what people are thinking at #katierich. Here’s one:


If you feel that this woman deserves to be fired from SNL, then consider signing the petition calling for her termination. I just signed it. We have to stop the left any way we can. Her public firing will send a good message about how fed up we are with their vicious slander of the Trump family.

11 thoughts on “Rumor Mill has Feminist Jew SNL Writer Who Attacked Barron Trump Jobless Now

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  3. These people are pressing Trumps buttons, I wonder why? I suggest Trump studies other great leaders such as Duerte of the Philippines. A no nonsense leader who deals with drug pushers in a most quick and extreme way. If anyone threatened, bullied or mocked his own children he would eliminate them within 24 hours.

    Trump also could study some South American countries who rounded up a few thousand young lefties, Commies and anarchists and took them to football stadiums about the 1970s. These trouble makers were later known as the “disappeared’.
    It would be great if all Comedy Central writes and SNL writers somehow disappeared. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert also.
    Threatening a young child related to the President is depraved. Threatening and bullying the Presidents own son is looking for swift and immediate reprisal.
    These Jews hate this kid because he is good looking with fair hair. He is everything they are not.
    With any luck all of this Jew Supremacist Hate Speech may turn Trump against the Jews and Israel.

  4. Obama established a precedent for the US President to kill US citizens without trial by drone strike.

    Trump could follow this precedent with a drone strike on this Katie Rich, and that Spinola guy deserves a drone strike also. For Tim Roth – waterboarding, another well established USA precedent,

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